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  1. billzerkeley

    Fish in Paradise

    I dedicated my latest fishing endeavor to the late Eloy who fished the Richmond pier. First impressions are everything to me and Eloy was always warm and welcoming to me the handful of times I have fished Richmond. I will never forget the people who were kind to me in life. Never. You can...
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    A Picture is worth

    500 words. A 1000 if I didn't blur out the background.
  3. billzerkeley

    Pt. Richmond
  4. billzerkeley

    Paradise Pier - Poachers

    The main reason I decided to remove most of my posts was not to enable poachers, and I've seen too many of them throughout the years. I'm going to call out some fishermen publicly to straighten out their ways. Met three regulars at Paradise: [1, 2 and 3] I don't personally know any of them...
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    J&P Bait

  6. billzerkeley

    Throwback Picture from the Berkeley Pier

    What's the significance of this picture? The fish was caught and released in the wee hours of 7/22/2015.
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    Crab Net For Sale

  8. billzerkeley

    Earli Hali

  9. billzerkeley

    DIY Crab Snares

    Absolutely hands down the best DIY crab snare tutorial I have come across. Watch all episodes. The dude has done his homework and shares his secrets. He makes some amazing crab snares. Support him. Like and subscribe...
  10. billzerkeley

    TSG Reel Service

    I recently came across an amazing YouTube channel on how to service certain fishing reels. It's a great resource for anyone who wants to service their own fishing reels. From watching the videos, I finally mustered the courage to break apart one of my baitrunner reels to service it and it was...
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    Semi-Universal Rod Holders

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    Magic Thread Bobbin