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    Salt Point

    Hello all, back for some more advice. I am curious what the rockfish typically bite in the spring? I will be headed to Salt Point with the wife May 10th and just hunting the coast around there. Plan on fishing right off the rocks at salt point, ocean cove, timber cove, and fort ross. I also plan...
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    Fishing conditions

    When fishing from shore I’ve heard that it is best to fish when water is calmer and clearer. However, on apps like tides4fishing it will say highest fishing activity is during times of high coefficient which means rougher usually murkier water. What conditions should I be looking for? Is...
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    Taking son fishing and crabbing early next week

    I was thinking about hitting china or baker beach. Possibly the pacifica pier. Where is my best luck for some keeper crabs right now? Are these good spots to try snaring from this time of year? Just want my boy to have some success so he can enjoy fishing too.