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    East Bay halibut

    Tide: is a 4/6/21 9:10am 1hr into the outgoing Area: Alameda Harbour Bay shoreline Gear: 7ft ugly stik lite, 10lb braid with a 12lb mono topshot. Daiwa bg2500. 3/8 jig with swimbait 3/8 hair raiser Strolled to one of my fav spots as I was in the EB for a appt. Had a few hours to kill and...
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    Halibut catch and cook

    Rig: dropshot zoom fluke, with 1/0 owner mosquito hook, 12lb mono, and 1/2oz bass sinker. Tackle: 7ft Med ugly stik lite, daiwa 2500 fuego with 10lb sufix 832. Area: had a few hrs to spare this afternoon and headed to spot adjacent candlestick. Hooked up around 4:30pm when the tide turned and...
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    Homemade hair raisers

    Tied some 3/8 hair raisers today for inside the bay haliper.
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    Old member from the old PFIC forum

    Greetings, I am a member of the original forum and signed up here after a long haitus.. Glad to see the site is up. Ken are the posts from the old message board archived a d searchable? The old board was a wealth of good info. Thanks, Bipnilaga