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    Fort Bragg Fizzle

    Similar to most recent posts, the fishing was slow on the north coast this past weekend. I tried fishing the rocks north of Ft Bragg this past Saturday. The wind, waves, and swell were all pretty strong but I cant go all the way over to the coast and not at least try fishing. The water...
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    Oceanside Pier 02/25/2022

    Thank You Ken My son and I and two groups of friends will be fishing Oceanside pier Saturday march 19 th . Both groups have never fished a pier before . Any and all are welcome to join us. This coming weekend I will try shore fishing north of ft Bragg.. I will report if I catch anything.
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    Oceanside Pier 02/25/2022

    Actually I was asking for both. Bait and human consumption. Up north, mendocino area , we used to use A frame nets and get what was called surf fish, a smelt 8-10 inches long. They were very tasty. Sometimes there was another species we got at night but they were smaller. We would fry them...
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    Oceanside Pier 02/25/2022

    Thank you for the report. I am planning on fishing oceanside pier in a couple weeks. I wonder if those smelt on a hook would produce anything? I bet they can be tasty, like surf fish from up north. jim
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    Monterey 9/1

    Sounds like a great adventure.
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    A Surprise Catch

    That is amazing. Its quite a mystery where sturgeon go in the open ocean, especially the greens. Even tagging has revealed little data. j
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    Trinidad Pier

    That is a surprise. Uasually there are greenling by the rocks and perch by the pilings. Humbolt has spanked my my last two trips. That calls for REVENGE ! lol Thanks for the report' j
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    oceanside/crystal cove report

    Thanks, Being from out of town I didn't want to test any rules. We had a great time anyway. Not very crowded for Memorial day.
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    oceanside/crystal cove report

    I made it down to oceanside pier last friday as I planned. Due to a no dog policy on pier I did not fish all day but I leaned a ton for next trip and I call that a success. In an hours or so I saw at least half a dozen croaker caught in the swash zone. Secret bait was mussels collected in...
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    Oceanside Pier, May 28 th invitation

    Thanks for the encouragement. I will investigate the bonito. definitely not a north fish.
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    Oceanside Pier, May 28 th invitation

    Hello Fisher Folk I am visiting from NorCal and will try fishing the Oceanside Pier friday may 28th. My Dad fished this pier growing up in the 30 s-40s and I am hoping he will send a little extra luck my way. Special thanks to Happy Wanderer for the informative posts, Ken, for the...
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    Finally A Hali Worth Posting

    Well done. I have never caught a halibut from shore. I am traveling to SoCal next week and hope to remedy that. Thanks for showing us how it is done. j
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    Humbolt jetty last week

    I usually go to the jetties twice a year. Best times have been, mid march, lots of perch and greenling, rockfish and lings if the water is clear and tides small. Oct and nov really did well on rockfish. I landed 11 in an hour once using a very small swim bait about two feet behind a one...
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    Humbolt jetty last week

    oops, wrong button. later in the day my friend caught another smaller keeper greenling and a very small black rockfish. Wednesday we fished south jetty with no action. We tried shrimp, sardines, squid, and swimbaits,.. Nothing. Another angler took over our spot as we left, pleasant chap...
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    Humbolt jetty last week

    As promised, I and two friends fished humbolt jetties last tues, wed, thursday. We arrived around ten am, set up camp at the Samoa launch campground which is open at 50% for covid spacing, then headed to North Jetty. The swell was large enough to preclude walking out to the dolo s . As Ken...
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    Fort Bragg saturday 4/17

    I and friends are headed to humbolt jetties for 3 days tomorrow. I usually do well there. We will camp at Samoa launch. All welcome. Report to follow. jim
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    Fort Bragg saturday 4/17

    A quick report I fished off the harbor rock wall at Noyo yesterday for a couple hours. I had no action on swim baits and later shrimp on a Hi Lo from the tip to the parking lot. Most people were trying for crabs with snares and I saw one nearly six inch red rock crab landed but mostly...
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    Santa Cruz, Saturday 09.

    Hey Nacho Thank you for the excellent and thorough report. Knowing what the fish aren't doing is as good as knowing what they are. Once, at that very pier, we couldn't keep the perch off using white crappie jigs next to the pilings. Big shiner perch ! So a few years later I planned a...
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    Two Questions for Surf Perch Fans

    I have been waiting for this question. While softer than rockfish surf perch have a nice mild flavor, just mushy as mentioned. I like to fillet them , lightly salt and lemon pepper them and quick fry in just a tad of butter, then set aside. Prior to this I make a large batch of french onion...
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    Right-Eyed Fish On Super Tuesday

    That was very enjoyable , thanks for the story. I will be going to fort bragg first week of april. Hopefully I can pass on a story even half as entertaining. I wish i knew more about halibut but I am mostly a fresh water angler. j