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    Monterey pier reports

    Will be heading to Monterey this week for a few days. Any reports on how the wharf or jetty are doing? If there are macks or sardines around them might pay a visit to the pier. Otherwise might just do some surf fishing as time permits.
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    Any bait in SC?

    Planning to hit the Santa Cruz area again. Anyone know if the anchovies are still around?
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    Halibut live bait rig

    What’s the best way to rig a live bait for halibut off a high pier like the ones in Monterey Bay? I’ve been using a sliding sinker (fish finder) or Carolina rig with egg sinker to a 2 ft Fluoro leader with a live bait hook (the type with a short shank), but I worry that the hook is too small or...
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    Halibut in the south bay

    Anyone know of any halibut action from shore in the south bay? I tried last week at the usual spots near OP to no avail. Saw one shaker caught on bait get released. Looking to get some on artificial from shore while the bite is allegedly hot. Feel free to PM me if you have intel!
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    Knot Strength

    Hello folks! (I used to post on this board before the redesign and had to recreate my account to post again) I'm looking for some sources on tests of the strength of various fishing knots. In reading this forum in the past, I remember some users referring to various tests that compared...