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    Postcard from the North Coast

    Double hook-up from a blustery March day on the Sonoma Coast Wish you were here!
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    Surf Perch at long last

    After watching the surf reports for the past 9 weeks, I finally saw a break in the big wave pounding along the Sonoma Coast. Magic Seaweed is the site I use to get highly accurate surf forecasts (7 days at a time, no less) and It showed calming/dropping surf activity getting progressively...
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    Winter conditions

    My daughter and her husband gave my wife and I a gift certificate for a night's lodging as a Christmas gift. We booked a room in Rohnert Park and got two days of surf fishing and a nice visit with family there as well. The weather on Monday/Tuesday 12/ 28 & 29 was absolutely beautiful on the...
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    Old dog - new trick

    So I fished a small foothill lake a couple of weeks ago using my old stand-by (Power eggs on a C-rig using varying the length of my leaders from 18" to 4 feet) for a big FAT SKUNK. What added insult to injury was there were trout of all sizes aggressively feeding on the surface the entire time I...
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    Great Hi/Lo rig using a "T" knot

    I have experienced a lot of success using a "big" Hi/Lo rig (low branch at 12" up from the weight and the upper branch 18" above that) to catch striped bass on the delta. This is a tutorial for tying this rig using a "T" knot. If you tie this using 30 lb. test with the T knot, the branches are...
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    Delta Stripers

    The cabin fever was too much for me this morning so I dragged my boat out of storage and headed out to Brannan Island Launch ramp to fish for striped bass. Ended up fishing several spots on the perimeter of Frank's Tract on the San Juaquin side. I tied up some big versions of a high/lo rig with...
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    Finding a way to get bit

    The surf was running 7 - 10 feet along the Sonoma Coast on Friday, Nov. 6th but that was the only day that my fishin' buddy and I could get out. So we chose to fish Doran Beach - the South facing (usually dead calm) stretch that extends from the Bodega Bay jetty, curving west facing as it it...
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    Snuck in one morning fish south of Crescent City

    Met up with family in Crescent City to exchange some paintings on the way to an auction for charity. We were able to fish just south of the city on the outgoing tide for 14 surf perch between my daughter and I (6 wall-eye, 5 red-tail, and 2 barred.) We lucked out with a smaller surf than you...
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    Portuguese Beach report

    Fished Portuguese Beach (Sonoma Coast State Park North of Bodega Bay) today on the outgoing tide. If the surf is big, this place is unfishable. But today the surf was perfect. Big enough to churn up food for the perch but small enough to work your set up into the spots you are targeting. Caught...
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    Two Questions for Surf Perch Fans

    Questions for Surf Perch Fans I have had days where I get little or no action using a Hi/Lo rig, so I switch to a Carolina rig and start catching fish (same bait for both methods.) Other days the “go-to” Carolina gets ignored and I start getting hits after switching to a Hi/Lo. My question...
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    Sonoma Coast State Park

    Fished Russian Gulch Beach (in Sonoma Coast State Park, north of Jenner- not to be confused with Russian Gulch Sate Park, north of Mendocino Bay) on Friday, 8/28. Caught 15 surf perch to 11”. Mostly red-tails and walleyes, but I did bring in one spectacular striped sea perch (the picture does...
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    Sonoma Coast State Park

    Fished Russian Gulch Beach (in Sonoma Coast State Park just north of Jenner -- not to be confused with Russian Gulch State Park, North of Mendocino Bay) on Friday, 8/28. Caught 15 surf perch to 11". Mostly walleye and red-tails, but I did bring in one spectacular striped sea perch as well...
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    Late report

    Had a chance to travel a bit last week. Here are the stats: Crescent City break water Wed. 8/12: 3 rock fish to 12" caught on hi/lo with shrimp Kellogg Road Beach (north of Crescent City) Thu 8/13: 13 serf perch to 13" all caught on 2" Gulp sand worm (camo) Enderts Beach (South of Crescent City)...