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    Any tips or charter/party boat recommendations for Oahu/Waikiki?

    Going there for a vacation in two weeks (late January, early February). Anyone have boats and recommendations for fishing?
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    Penny Slots with No Jackpot: Newport Jetty 1/18/22

    Went back to the Newport Jetty and fished from 7AM-11AM. High tide was around 8:45AM. Bite was slow and current was strong fishing the bottom. Fished carolina rig with 1 oz. sliding egg sinker using pieces of market shrimp. Caught a short calico bass on the harbor side using this method...
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    Quick Report: Slow Morning Newport Jetty 1/13/22

    I had one hook size that was size 6 and one hook size was 1. I used 30lb leader and that really does help resolve my the snags when they happen. I was using smaller sized baits like 1/3 of the shrimp. The guy that got the big bite was user bigger pieces like 1/3 of body with the head still attached.
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    Quick Report: Slow Morning Newport Jetty 1/13/22

    Fished with two friends on Thursday morning at the Newport Jetty. Fished the outgoing tide from 7AM-11AM at the very end of the jetty. Started bottom fishing with carolina rigs to lessen the chance of snags baited with shrimp or squid. Bite was slow. Caught a small sculpin. My friend caught a...
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    The Next Day

    Awesome! Thanks for the report! Glad your perseverance was rewarded!
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    Cabrillo Mole 1/7/22

    Nice fishing and thanks for the report! Alway enjoy your reports! Happy New Year!
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    Dancing and Fishing in Catalina for the New Year

    It would be great to see you there and have another experienced angler on New Year's especially someone who is so good at helping people experience the joy of fishing!
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    Has anybody here seen this?

    Yes I've seen them. They are organized by the host of the video who has a popular channel that focuses on local fishing. Seems like fun times. We've been coincidentally fishing at the same time he was filming one of these at Huntington Beach pier.
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    Dancing and Fishing in Catalina for the New Year

    When I heard about the New Year's Eve event my mind straight to can we manage the logistics to dance and fish on the same overnight trip! It was fun. We're planning on doing it again next year and trying to bring a bigger group of dancers who also fish or want to learn how!
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    Dancing and Fishing in Catalina for the New Year

    Combined two of my passions in the same trip. Went to Catalina with my girlfriend and parents. Attended the Catalina New Year's Eve Ball at the Casino. We ate delicious food and danced the night away until the count down. The ballroom there is the largest circular ballroom in the word without...
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    Teaching the grandson how to fish...

    Great times! Thanks for sharing!
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    Avalon 12/16-18

    Great fishing! Glad you got the chance to celebrate in such a perfect way! Happy Birthday!!
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    Big Sheeps Newport Jetty 12/19/21

    Kind of scary walking out there especially the last 1/4 of the walk as the gaps in the rocks get bigger. But once you get out there I like that there is that concrete slab at the end to set your stuff down on.
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    Big Sheeps Newport Jetty 12/19/21

    Met up with some fishing buddies to target sheephead at the end of the Newport Jetty. After fishing the Mole at Catalina, my fishing buddy and I have been hypothesizing that the Jetty could yield similar sheephead results. The group got there around 6AM and for the next 2.5 hours experience an...
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    Seal Beach Pier - Jacksmelt For Fertilizer!

    Sounds like a great day even though the fish were not as cooperative! Here's a article on DIY Fish emulsion fertilizer: Thanks for the report!
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    Monterey 11/17

    Wow! Cool day of fishing. Those eels are big! Congratulations and thanks for the report! Im excited to go to Catalina on Sunday. It's been a long time since I've been fishing!
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    Pier J Long Beach

    Nice fishing! Thanks for the report!
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    A new video, this one on the Imperial Beach pier.

    Great video in general. A couple general points. I think the audience for these videos is a newer angler and because of that you have to be aware of when you are using terminology or jargon that most who post regularly on this site would understand but a newer angler will not. For example when...
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    A Trip to the Southland and Eleven Piers

    Awesome report Ken as always! Nice to see that you were able to get some fishing in given the obstacles that were created by the oil spill! Glad to get a chance to see you while you were down!
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    Our first YouTube video —

    Very nice Ken! I like the tone, calm, like a story teller. There is a cutaway to a large hook type sculpture that is confusing to me. Could use a short cutaway to the PFIC home page when you make reference to it. Also when you reference that you keep records, would be great to have a cutaway of...