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    Marina Del Rey dock

    What size hook and line do you use to hook the live anchovies? I went yesterday for the first time but I think my hooks (size 1) were too big and didn't end up presenting the bait well (I didn't catch anything fly-lining anchovies although I did catch a lizard fish with dehydrated sandworms on...
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    Oil Spill

    Based on the map of the prohibited area is seems that Dana Point is ok for now. URL -
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    Oil Spill

    Based on a CDFW press release all take of fish is prohibited from Huntington Beach to Dana Point effective immediately. Here's the URL
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    Catalina Trip - Where to Store Fishing Rods

    Thanks here's my report as of 8/28 Saturday - I found that the end of the Cabrillo Mole they have daily "large" item storage spaces where you check in your fishing rods for $7. That combine with the lockers for $1 per access made for a convenient one day trip that allowed me to go sightseeing...
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    Catalina Trip - Where to Store Fishing Rods

    Bummer on the locker storage not being tall enough for fishing rods I think my only option is carrying them around (may have to scale down to just light rods or just even 1 rod) - thanks.
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    Catalina Trip - Where to Store Fishing Rods

    Hi everyone - first time going to Catalina on and day trip with family and wanted to do some sightseeing and fishing tomorrow. Couple questions: 1) Where do you store your fishing rods while on the Catalina Express boat to Catalina? I'm just taking 2 rods (each are 2-piece rods - one 6 1/2...
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    Two Harbors, Catalina Island - Pier Fishing Allowed?

    I was thinking of heading over to Two Harbors for a day and was wondering if fishing is allowed in any nearby pier in that area? Also - We are planning on spending the day at Harbor Sands beach area so if you guys know of any shore fishing areas in that vicinity please let know as it will be...
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    Wide Open Dorado Bite on the Sea Watch out of Sea Forth Landing in San Diego 8/22/21

    Sounds like a great trip - what was your remedy for warding off sea sicknesses? I've been wanting to go fishing on a boat but am very sensitive to motion.
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    Marina Del Rey Sportfishing Dock is Open

    I'm planning to go there someday as well. Do you know which parking lot # you parked in (there are many there)? Also do you recall if the parking lot accepts credit cards or is it cash only? Bonus question - is there a restroom nearby to wash my fishing gear (I don't have any outdoor faucets...
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    Another Good Day

    Nice job - may I ask where did you get your bait container from to store the sand crabs (I assume it's the white container in your pic)? also do you like your bait container? Thanks in advance!
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    Dock Fishing at Marina Del "Ray" 7-26-21

    Hey that sounds like a unique experience that I'd like to try out thanks for the very informative report. A few questions: 1) Do you happen to know when they open the dock and parking for fishing (hope early), 2) will my usual pier fishing rods work? I have 7ft and 6 ft 6 inch rods which the 2...
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    A Surprise Catch

    Wow unusual indeed! Where did you purchase that baitbox hanging off your belt? I've been looking for a good one.
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    Moving to Santa Monica Area - Where to Get Lugworms?

    Forgot to ask - are there any laws against digging for lugworms/sand crabs on Santa Monica Beach? I have a fishing license but not sure if this area is a marine protected area...thanks in advance
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    Moving to Santa Monica Area - Where to Get Lugworms?

    Thanks for the info - Any success catching lugworms on Santa Monica Beach? If so, what are things to look out for in the sand to dig for them?
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    Moving to Santa Monica Area - Where to Get Lugworms?

    Can anyone let me know where I can buy live lugworms in the Santa Monica area? I'm moving there soon and a quick Google search indicated not many bait and tackle shops in the area except for the shop at the end of the SM pier (which I'm not sure if they sell lugworms). Thanks in advance.
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    Best Slow Day Ever - Cabrillo Mole Catalina 2/14/21

    Wow what you call a slower day I would call a miracle for me - still have lots to learn. Great job.
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    San Clemente 2/2/21

    Good job - I've caught a few of those black perch at SC and Dana Point just never knew what they were called until now. Are the black perch edible if they are big enough? How would you describe their taste? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone try fishing this area in Dana Point?

    Hello - I visit the long jetty in front of the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and every time I visit I look on the right side (circled in red) towards the beach area and haven't noticed many people there (especially in winter) - is this area approved for fishing? If so, and if anyone has fished...
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    Avalon 1/16 Dolphin Escort and Sheep Herding

    Sounds like you had a great day! Random question - for the shrimp (purchased with head-on) I think you mentioned in your earlier posts that sometimes you only hooked the head of the shrimp (if not you can ignore the rest of this message) for bait - how do you specifically hook the head of the...
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    San Clemente 1/6 - a variety pack of croakers

    Great job! How was the kelp today at end of pier? I think last weekend I went there it was so bad I moved to mid-pier after a couple casts...