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    Orange County fish and oil spill --

    It was 419,000 gallons of oil and not 950,000 gallons. My mistake. Snookie
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    Orange County fish and oil spill --

    Huntington may have been closed but Balboa wasn't. That was February 7th with 950,000 gallons of oil. Snookie
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    Orange County fish and oil spill --

    Since I have been through a number of bigger oil spills in Orange County in the 85 years I have lived here, I suspect this time knowing what the politics are like now, it is simply political and they are trying to get rid of the oil rigs on our coast. In 1990 on February 7th, the oil spill was...
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    Have the piers between Huntington Beach and San Clemente reopened from the oil spill?

    I did fish this week on Balboa Pier. The guys said sometimes there is a policeman that says you can't, but we didn't see him. There was lots of bait one day and not so many the next day. One of my buddies caught a beautiful sculpin about 18 inches, but he threw it back. I plan to fish this...
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    Have the piers between Huntington Beach and San Clemente reopened from the oil spill?

    No!!!!! DFG posted a sign not to fish, but Newport fishermen disposed of the sign. Balboa's stayed up a few days. According to DFG and Newport fishing is still closed for some strange reason, but you can still surf. Doesn't make a lot of sense. Snookie
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    Oil Spill

    For now Balboa Pier is closed to fishing. Ruby's is open though. Snookie
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    Heading down to SoCal next Thursday...

    Ken, check on the oil spill. Don't know what Newport plans to do. Huntington closed there pier for fishing. Wouldn't be surprisede if Newport did. Snookie
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    Yesterday there were two turtles around the Balboa Pier. The smaller of the two got caught for a little bit before getting released. The second one was a big one. Snookie
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    Balboa Pier 8/3

    Yes I do know a little about it. The shark fishermen on the end were overhead casting and wouldn't do it underhand so I am assuming the city put up the wires around the three sides of the end. It did end overhead casting. Snookie
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    Second Keeper at Balboa Pier yesterday

    Yesterday my daughter caught another keeper halibut. It was 22 inches exactly on a small smelt. I taught her well, now why can't I catch a keeper instead of all the small ones I am catching? We are getting a lot of calicos too, but not legal sizes. Snookie
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    Keeper Halibut Balboa Pier

    We all got smaller halibut, calicos and one spotted sand bass, but my daughter visiting from Virginia caught a 23 inch halibut. It was on a small smelt. She had specifically come out to do just that. I trained her well. Snookie
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    Unusual fish found on shore.

    A deer-sea anglerfish washed up on shore at Crystal Cove this weekend. They are found at depths of 2000 plus feet. It is supposedly called a female Pacific football fish. This weekend also brought anchovies to Balboa Pier. I hope they are still there on Tuesday. The ocean always has...
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    12 pound halibut caught

    Yesterday was fun. We had sardines all day in the surf area . Saw that they dispersed at the end of the pier, but that is because they came down to us in the surd area. We had lots of good strikes from halibut, but it wasn't until 2 that I got a 30 inch, 12 pound halibut. She was a beauty...
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    Thursday at Balboa

    My brother caught a 22 inch keeper halibut. Mine was just 20 1/2 inches, but it was the best day in a long time for me. I used sardines all day as they were plentiful and I had a halibut strike on every one of them. I just couldn't hook them. I won't use a two hook rig as I consider it...
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    Sea temps at 77 degrees in La Jolla

    This morning I heard that Newport was 78 degrees yesterday. A friend on Balboa caught 3 big bonitos, lost one and the two he had weighed about 3 pounds. Those are decent bonito. We only got some small halibut and one medium shovel nose guitarfish. Saw quite a few yellowfin croaker caught on...
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    Balboa Pier Happenings

    Last Thursday I landed a 22 1/2 inch halibut using a sardine in the surf area. Also got 3 others which weren't keepers and a sand bass. Yesterday we had strikes all the time. Most were shovel nose guitarfish and bat rays plus one small halibut. We had a great time. Yesterday it was just luck...
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    Rioters planning Newport Pier today

    Word has it that Newport Pier will have a problem today at 2p.m. they weren't open yesterday, so I don't know what they will accomplish. Unless you are one of those unruly people plan to stay away. By the way Balboa Pier is open and I did fish yesterday. Not much going on. Had a tough time...
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    Anyone old enough to remember these?

    Of course, and I knew George Hiner Senior and Junior well plus Kirk too. Getting bait was so much easier then. Snookie
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    Pacifica Pier Closed

    Newport and Balboa Piers are closed as of today. the parking lots are closed too. Snookie