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    Yesterday there were two turtles around the Balboa Pier. The smaller of the two got caught for a little bit before getting released. The second one was a big one. Snookie
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    Second Keeper at Balboa Pier yesterday

    Yesterday my daughter caught another keeper halibut. It was 22 inches exactly on a small smelt. I taught her well, now why can't I catch a keeper instead of all the small ones I am catching? We are getting a lot of calicos too, but not legal sizes. Snookie
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    Keeper Halibut Balboa Pier

    We all got smaller halibut, calicos and one spotted sand bass, but my daughter visiting from Virginia caught a 23 inch halibut. It was on a small smelt. She had specifically come out to do just that. I trained her well. Snookie
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    Unusual fish found on shore.

    A deer-sea anglerfish washed up on shore at Crystal Cove this weekend. They are found at depths of 2000 plus feet. It is supposedly called a female Pacific football fish. This weekend also brought anchovies to Balboa Pier. I hope they are still there on Tuesday. The ocean always has...
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    12 pound halibut caught

    Yesterday was fun. We had sardines all day in the surf area . Saw that they dispersed at the end of the pier, but that is because they came down to us in the surd area. We had lots of good strikes from halibut, but it wasn't until 2 that I got a 30 inch, 12 pound halibut. She was a beauty...
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    Thursday at Balboa

    My brother caught a 22 inch keeper halibut. Mine was just 20 1/2 inches, but it was the best day in a long time for me. I used sardines all day as they were plentiful and I had a halibut strike on every one of them. I just couldn't hook them. I won't use a two hook rig as I consider it...
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    Balboa Pier Happenings

    Last Thursday I landed a 22 1/2 inch halibut using a sardine in the surf area. Also got 3 others which weren't keepers and a sand bass. Yesterday we had strikes all the time. Most were shovel nose guitarfish and bat rays plus one small halibut. We had a great time. Yesterday it was just luck...
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    Rioters planning Newport Pier today

    Word has it that Newport Pier will have a problem today at 2p.m. they weren't open yesterday, so I don't know what they will accomplish. Unless you are one of those unruly people plan to stay away. By the way Balboa Pier is open and I did fish yesterday. Not much going on. Had a tough time...
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    Bluefin Tuna at Balboa Pier Sunday

    Yesterday at noon in the surf area was a beautiful blue fin tuna just swimming around quickly. Am sure he is wondering where he was. That is the second time in the past years we have seen a tuna come into the surf area, swim around and then leave. Makes you wonder. He was beautiful with the...
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    White Sea bass explosion

    Yesterday the 20 inch White Sea bass hit en masse all afternoon. We would just get a fresh bait with our Sabikis and immediately catch a sea bass. Oh, how we wished they were all 28 inches, but no it was not to be, but we did have fun. Yes, we were careful with them when we removed the hook...
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    Balboa Pier Action

    Again we had another keeper by one of our regular halibut fishermen. It was just at 22 inches. That is four halibut in a week, keepers that is. We are catching many undersized ones as well now. The topper today was an incident with two birds. They were fighting in the air when one flew...
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    Big Halibut, Balboa Pier

    I saw this halibut a week ago, but couldn't get her to bite. Gave up and yesterday about 6 feet from shore I tossed a live sardine out right into her mouth. She is 32 inches and 12 pounds. Also it was caught on my small rod with 8 pound test line. Of course it is P line. My buddy did an...
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    Great White at Balboa Pier Today

    This morning while I was fishing a great white decided to blast through the surface of the water. He made it look like something big had fallen from space into the water. A few seconds later and closer to the pier the shark went into a frenzy. I saw its dorsal which was about 20 plus inches...
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    Bonito Run to Beat All Previous runs at Balboa Pier Yesterday

    Yesterday it was fantastic! There were bonito from the end to the surf all day! All were big. They all ran from 5 to 10 pounds. Some of them had to be netted if the line was to light to lift them. There were six of us doing the majority of the catching and retrieving so we had three people...