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    Kids Day on the Pier — Marin Rod & Gun Club

    Thanks again Ken, we had a great time. Happy Anniversary.
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    Kids Day on the Pier — Marin Rod & Gun Club

    Wow, that's quite a turnout! What time are you arriving to start setting up? We can get there early to help as well.
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    Kids Day on the Pier — Marin Rod & Gun Club

    Hi Ken, my boys and I can attend, Thomas (15) and Vincent (11). I can help setup, prep bait, tackle, rods, record sizes or whatever. What time should we show up to help get things ready?
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    Central Coast Couple of Piers...

    Fished San Simeon, Cambria, and Cayucos beaches for nada...too much lettuce with the kelp beds off shore in full force. Hit Simeon pier, beautiful and full of life as always but no fish for us. Dolphins and birds having a field day with small anchovies that were so thick you could see the...
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    Point Arena Pier - fishing report, and advice request.

    In the past (been a couple of years), I've had decent success there fishing closer to shore on the south side. Mainly striped sea perch caught with...small pieces of shrimp.
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    Marin Rod & Gun Club Kids' Day at the Pier Aug 28

    Awesome, thanks for the update, I can be there to help as well. I'll bring some kids to partake in the fishing action too!
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    North bay Halibut 4/27

    Thanks for sharing! By the way Ken, will there be a kid's derby at Marin Rod and Gun Club this year? If so, what's the date?
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    Catalina trip 2/1/2021. Long W/pic.

    Thanks for the report!
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    A Trip To Avalon, Catalina, and the Mole

    Great report and story Ken- much appreciated as usual!
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    December 2020 on the Central Coast

    Thanks for the report, always enjoy them!
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    Kids Day on the Pier — help needed

    Ken, is the event from 10 - 2?
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    Kids Day on the Pier — help needed

    Sorry Ken, I really enjoyed helping last year, but I'm out of town that day!! Maybe my wife will attend and if so my oldest can probably help...I'll let you know if so...
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    Fort Baker/Fort Point 9-15-18

    That's really cool Ken
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    San Leandro Marina advice please

    Yeah I think you're right.
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    San Leandro Marina advice please

    If you're looking for rays and shark near Fremont try Dumbarton, caught two small rays there tonight and lost another...other folks were catching small shark. We were using frozen sardines. Great place to watch the sunset! Shinn used to have striper (fact) and maybe sturgeon (urban legend)...
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    Marin Rod & Gun Club Pier — Kids Day On The Pier — Saturday

    Great time today! Lot's of very happy kids (and parents).
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    Arrowhead Marsh Fishing Pier and license

    Sounds very odd, even on their website it says license required when fishing from "shore".
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    Help Needed at Marin Rod & Gun Club's "Kids Day On The Pier"

    Ken, I was going to take my three boys to the event (8, 12, 14)…but they can manage mostly on their own so I can be free to help. We can put my boys to work too if necessary. My email to your address above bounced back btw.