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    Closeout on PFIC —

    If anybody in the east bay or silicon valley bought some and has a few extra I'd love to take some off your hands, from the other thread it looks like I may have been too late and was unable to buy with my current budget!
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    Last day to order cases of books.

    Did I miss out? I'd love to grab a case to distribute but didn't see this until the budget was tapped out and a bit late.
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    Too Many Fishing Poles

    Reporting people has never seem to have gotten me anywhere, and if you frequent the same piers often, you may notice that it's the same sort of people or individuals each time. Really bad problem at the Antioch (Bridgehead) pier especially. You'll find guys by themselves with half a dozen rods...
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    Help me out on choosing an old school conventional reel

    Here's the one that just came in the mail yesterday, It's gorgeous and operates smoothly. I'll tear it down and clean it up a bit, then give it some fresh grease/oil. I'll throw up pics of the other one soon.
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    August 2019 Fishing Report, Carquinez Strait, Suisun Bay, and West Delta (#250)

    Some info from a local pier rat (I live about two/three miles from the Antioch bridge) Antioch bridge pier (known to most of us that live nearby simply as "bridgehead") has been shaker city. It's been quite some time (two years?) since I've seen anything other than a striped bass landed there...
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    Help me out on choosing an old school conventional reel

    Well, I sent some PMs back and forth here, but in the meantime I bid on a couple reels on the bay of E. I ended up winning one, and a seller accepted a low-ball offer on another. I now have two Penn 209s coming in. I liked them and figured I may set one up as a spare pole for when folks come...
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    Help me out on choosing an old school conventional reel

    109, 209/210 or 309/310 sounds about right, and the price on them is very reasonable at anything from $25-50 depending on condition and age, so I think that's what I'll look for.
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    Help me out on choosing an old school conventional reel

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get into older conventional reels, but I'm out of my element and pretty overwhelmed. I have a Penn del Mar somewhere that's in good shape, but I really want something with a level wind since I have a hard time using my thumb to level it on the retrieve due to some joint...
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    Hey there! Piers in SF bay questions!

    Eh, I saw one transient all night, and lots of tourists. It's pretty well lit so I wouldn't be too afraid to go by myself. I tend to always bring someone if I can help it though just out of habit though.
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    Hey there! Piers in SF bay questions!

    Thanks for the info guys! As a follow up- I ended up going to pier 7 after work on saturday, picked up my cousin at Embarcadero BART around 1130PM, and parked on Steuart street. We didn't have much gear so we walked the block or so down to the pier, and set up at the very end. Current was...
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    Hey there! Piers in SF bay questions!

    Hey there, this is my first post here! I live in Oakley, and take the family to the Antioch pier (Antioch/Oakley regional shoreline pier, locals call it "bridgehead") as often as I can, as it's only abut a five minute drive. I'm trying to branch out to catching some more diversity of species-...