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    Santa Cruz county virus death toll increases by 50% in one day

    Announced yesterday in a press conference.
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    burying fish carcasses in your garden

    I have a big compost pile, and all of my fish leftovers from filleting go in there. Rarely have any animals bother it.
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    Easing Off On Covid-19

    Great fishing, but you wore a mask on the beach????????????????????????
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    It's amazing to see how apathetic most people are when it comes to the biggest threat to the world that has ever existed. I'm moving on.
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    Yes really. Seeing the big picture is probably too much for most people. Just stand by and watch DUDE.
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    Another person incapable of writing without insulting. Most viruses have been named for their origin, but the communist government of China was able to avoid this by twisting arms. You can call me a bigot if you want, but anyone who knows me, knows that I accept all people. I'm fine with...
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    So how are people spending their time?

    Nice work Steve. I'm guessing that all of the holes can never be filled in. There will always be some space between circles.
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    So how are people spending their time?

    Other than not eating out and getting together with friends, my life has not changed that much. Still doing my primary business of selling on ebay albeit income is down a bit. Got a huge lot of vintage auto parts that I've been selling on craigslist, and even though people have been coming to...
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    So funny and predictable from the resident socialist. Do you only know how to write nonsense?
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    Happy Earth Day 50

    It's going to be interesting to see what scientific observations of our natural environment emerge after this virus ordeal is over.
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    Took a little drive down hwy 1 Wednesday from my bunker in the Santa Cruz Mtn foothills to see what's up. Moss Landing boat launch open and quite a few trucks and trailers there. Parking lots of beaches closed but plenty of parking outside the lot was being used. Glad to see people ignoring...
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    Elephant Rock 4/17

    Way to go. I've been thinking about the "drop off" method myself. Unless they are searching the shoreline with a drone, they never will find me.
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    Fishing in quarantine

    That made me laugh. Great video!
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    Lock down boredom creations

    Nice neat work. Maybe we all should post a pic's of projects getting done around the house.
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    Tough Times

    That's funny. I'd like nice big salt water pool with lots of boulders stocked with rockfish. I'd probably surround it with a thick hedge of poison oak just for added challenge and realism.
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    Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

    Hey Dave! I used to go deep sea fishing with my dad until one time when I was 13, I got sick. Did not go again until about 10 years ago. Tried using ginger, but it only made what came up taste sweet. But then I started using the prescription patches, and they work beautifully. So I've been...
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    That's the right attitude BayFisher!
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    My family is going target shooting on Sunday. We are going to drive about 1-1/2 hours out to some public land and spend the day shooting. We might stop for gas, but other than that, we won't have contact with anyone. I'm not calling anyone to ask for permission because you know what they will...
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    We are allowed to fish.... right?

    If you can go to the store to buy food or gas or hardware, then you can go fishing. Fishing is the least risky of any of those activities.