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    Santa Cruz county virus death toll increases by 50% in one day

    Announced yesterday in a press conference.
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    Took a little drive down hwy 1 Wednesday from my bunker in the Santa Cruz Mtn foothills to see what's up. Moss Landing boat launch open and quite a few trucks and trailers there. Parking lots of beaches closed but plenty of parking outside the lot was being used. Glad to see people ignoring...
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    Big Mac's biting at Monterey wharf

    Had some errands in the Monterey area, so stopped by the wharf on friday the 7th late afternoon. Maybe 20 people fishing up and down the pier. Went out to the end and chatted with a lady fishing. She said the mac's were hitting about an hour ago. We fished with sabikis for about an hour but...