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    Expensive fish

    Whoops! Aargh, my wife would appreciate the irony of this, she has always claimed I lose my faculties when looking at gear. That and put my glasses on, sigh. My apologies o_O
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    Expensive fish

    I'm sorry, I should have been more direct. I love expensive surf rods and have many. I thought it would be immediately apparent that in the video the guy catches an undersized striper and immediately throws it in his pouch, no measurement. Poaching is often defended by claiming fishing for food...
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    Expensive fish

    I was researching some expensive surf rods (already have too many, but there is always that little niche) when I came across this video from 2016. Guy is fishing a Megabass Pangea shadow (really nice rod) which costs about $900.00 today, if you can find one. I guess if you spend that much on...
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    Marin grubbing

    Haven't been by in a while. Sounds like a good day out!