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    Central Coast Rocks 6/25 Plus 7/8-7/11/19 Camping

    Hey Frozendog, Your central coast photos and reports were always some of my favorites. I'm so glad to see that you're still at it (and still slaying those fish)!
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    Daughter's First Fish - Onespot Fringehead?

    Thanks Ken! I appreciate your opinion. All of my fishing books (including my multiple copies of PFIC) are packed in storage. Cheers, Dan
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    Old Message Boards

    I would love to be able to read the old boards. "I was young and foolish then / I feel old and foolish now." -- They Might Be Giants
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    Daughter's First Fish - Onespot Fringehead?

    Hey all, First time fishing in 13 years or so. My family visited the little Pillar Point pier in Princeton yesterday, and my daughter caught her first fish. I believe it's a onespot fringehead. Can anyone confirm? Cheers, Dan