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    Monterey 9/25 SALMON SIGHTED!!!

    WARNING: This is long and rambly with only one picture. Feel free to skip around. I was able to get some time this Saturday to go fishing. I originally wanted to go check out the Seacliff and Capitola piers, but decided to go to Monterey since traffic was gonna be terrible either way. After...
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    Sabiki size chart

    I found this while browsing the Hayabusa sabiki page. It's useful, especially when ordering your sabiki online 👍
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    Monterey 9/8

    I got to Moss Landing at 5:59AM, still too dark to see anything clearly. The only other vehicle sitting there was a old 80's rv, not too unlike the one I used to go camping in as a kid. Flashlight in hand, I started to scurry along the rocks, picking mussels and poke poling holes as I went...
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    Monterey 9/1

    I started the morning at 4:55am, with all my stuff organized the night before. My new pier cart was set, secured by the high cutting edge technology of prayers, bolts and bungie cords. This proved to be a significant quality of life improvement, since I typically take 3 buckets, a 20lb backpack...
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    Monterey 8/20

    I went out to Monterey on Friday, waking up at 5:30 to stop for some donuts. If you've never had the experience of being one of those lonely souls walking into a local donut shop at dawn like the customers from Nighthawks, your missing a absolutely essential part of every "big fishing trip"...
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    Monterey report 8/6

    Hello again everyone! Been a LONG while since I posted here. Mostly cause I don't record my fishing trips, but I'm getting around to regularly recording them in my logs. I arrived at Monterey Wharf #2 at 7:20 AM. The pier was uncrowded, surprising since I've never been there so early. There was...
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    Coast Guard Pier 12/18/2020

    Went out to the Coast Guard Pier and it didn't disappoint. Caught a Cabazon that was 12 in(released, legal size is 15 in) and a 8in black and yellow rock fish(kept for soup). Both were caught on squid fished between the rocks, around 12pm. Kept fishing for 2 hours and lost about 6 rigs with no...