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    Belmont Pier report

    I have been fishing several day a week at the pier fishing is steady inshore yellowfin and spot fin have hitting most days mussels clams ghost shrimp working for them mackerel mid pier and at the end fair on sabikis short halibut on strips of mackerel live sardines have been tough to catch...
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    Slow fishing at Belmont Pier

    I don't know but fishing seems slow right now any one else experiencing this sure mackerel and sardines are still there but I'm not seeing anything else no croakers no shark rays variety is limited ok just ranting thanks Brock
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    Salted sardines

    Ok i have always preferred salted anchovies and sardines over unsalted I've noticed the quality in the shops just doesn't seem as good as they used to be so i took some fresh sardines just caught and I layered them in course kosher salt for 48 hours then packaged in zip lock baggies they look...
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    Belmont Pier report

    hello all i have fished the pier a lot this month march finally fishing is picking up with lots of sardines and mackerel rumors of halibut but i haven't seen any yet except for a comerant trying its best to swallow a short halibut bait kiosk is open most days for bait and tackle thanks Brock
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    Lessons learned

    So i haven't been fishing in awhile nursing a pinched nerve in my back . But today i thought i would take a walk out on the belmont pier maybe fish just for an hour. I only took one rod and a limited amount of tackle and frozen anchovies figured to maybe just catch a mackerel or two. the bait...
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    LongBeach fishing

    Ok so not having a lot of luck fishing off the pier lately decided to try the beach between the pier and 72st fished incoming tide live ghost shrimp high low leader 10 pound test mono caught two large yellowfin croaker and one very nice corbina this was monday bait was purchased at big fish...
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    Bait Shack

    Ok quick fishing trip on the belmont pier fishing was slow saw a few Macs and tom cods but on a positive note there is a new bait shack at the base of the pier just opened I talked to the owner nice guy good selection of bait and rigs these shops are becoming scarce so was nice to see thanks...
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    Belmont pier rebuild

    Hi just read the city long beach is getting serious about building a new pier meetings start feb 20 to get input sounds like there serious so will see Brock
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    Alamitos bay long beach

    fished Alamitos bay this morning for 3 nice mackerel released caught on small root beer big hammer swim baits 4 pound mono good fun just another quick report thanks Brock
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    Belmont Pier

    fished the belmont pier today for two hours caught 3 big smelt released caught on a bait catcher rig had a trolley rig out for halibut with a sardine no takers I saw no one catching anything but smelt no mackerel or anything else fairly slow slack tide no current and very hot heat wave nice to...
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    anchovy or sardines

    Hi all was wondering if you have better luck salted or un salted i seem to have better luck with salted bait for some its the other way around so just wondering thanks Brock
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    Belmont pier report january 22

    fished the pier for a couple of hours today beautiful weather clear and the pier was clean the rain probably helped snaggers were catching all the sardines you would want just outside surfline a few mackerel were being caught and some large smelt i caught a few small mackerel released thats...
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    Bait traps

    hi all was fishing off the belmont pier friday i was trying for halibut no luck people were catching mackerel and a few sculpin some what rare for that pier . couple of people were using small wire traps to catch anchovies for bait my question is are those legal to use i don't thing they are...
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    72nd street long beach report

    new member here I fished the jetty to day south of belmont pier two hours produced one short halibut about 12inches on a salted anchovy nothing else wind was up early and i missed the tide swing but nice to get out I love this site will hopefully have better reports in the future Brock