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  1. TheFrood

    So cal Cali halibut?

    I was going to bounce a swim bait off the bottom as reeling I just like in not cal beaches... would this work down here? Any recommendations where to go that’s not packed with swimmers? I’ll have to look up bolsa chica. I’m closer to LA than SD...
  2. TheFrood

    So cal Cali halibut?

    Are there california halibut to be caught at the beaches in so cal? Don’t want to try at a crowded beach like Huntington so anyone have advice? Haven’t fished down here in over 20 years, and haven’t wet a line at all since moving down here in 2016... thanks!
  3. TheFrood

    Avalon 1/16 Dolphin Escort and Sheep Herding

    It's been so long since I've hit the water... Since I moved to Moreno Valley I haven't wet a line even once :(
  4. TheFrood


    LOL If I could afford the trip to Catalina this wouldn't be an issue. :)
  5. TheFrood

    Catalina Get Together?

    Wish I could make it to the island! I haven’t wet a line in ages, and have never fished in Catalina. Just did the touristy things in the past when I was there with family or friends. Hope you all have a good trip!
  6. TheFrood


    Hello everyone. Been away since before the forums changed so hope you are all doing well. Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for night-fishing locations that are drivable from Moreno Valley for just a few hours to spend on the water. Edit: I’m looking for somewhere with inexpensive...