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  1. Tifoso

    Spot Burning?

    Swimming pool.
  2. Tifoso

    Happy Birthday Skipper.

    Happy belated birthday Ken! We share the same birthday!
  3. Tifoso

    Mahigeer on TV.

    Cool. Good luck on the trip!
  4. Tifoso

    Unusual fish found on shore.

    Really cool. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Tifoso

    50 pound halibut caught at Paradise

    Thank you all for the info!
  6. Tifoso

    50 pound halibut caught at Paradise

    Caught by hook and line
  7. Tifoso

    50 pound halibut caught at Paradise

    Halibut are quite the success story, since they changed the commercial rules.
  8. Tifoso

    North bay Halibut 4/27

    Outstanding, sir. :)
  9. Tifoso

    Are there any NorCal guided crappie trips?

    I haven’t fished crappie in eons. Looked everywhere; figured I’d give it a try here. Looking for a guided crappie trip say as far north as Sac; as far south as Modesto, as far west as the ocean and as far east as the Nevada border. Any ideas? Thank you!
  10. Tifoso

    Computers and advice...

    First: Apple-attaboy :cool::love::D
  11. Tifoso

    Reel service

    Sound advice. Thank you!
  12. Tifoso

    Fort Bragg saturday 4/17

    God’s country. :cool:
  13. Tifoso

    Another Day Out On The Sand

    Beautiful fish!
  14. Tifoso

    Your favorite salt water magazine

    Ken’s article got me wondering: what is your favorite salt water fishing magazine? It can be salt and fresh, too.
  15. Tifoso

    My very first fishing article... Bottom Fishing At Fort Bragg

    Excellent. :) Man do I miss Fort Bragg.
  16. Tifoso

    Fish Taco Tonight

    Always wanted to do that. Attaboy!
  17. Tifoso

    Something Different at the Cabrillo Mole Pier in Catalina

    Because they didn’t let him catch them? Truly sporting, that.
  18. Tifoso

    First Striper ever!!

    Nice work!