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    Seal Beach Pier - 9/19

    Sargo is one fish that eludes me on a regular basis . but a fish when i do catch is great to eat Ha thanks for the report
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    Overhead casting...

    Yes Its been banned for years . People still do it recently on the belmont pier a lady was repeatedly overhead casting with a sabiki rig no less . I nicely told her to be careful casting she just glared at me . No one to enforce these things even with signs showing its not allowed
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    As shown on KCET.

    could be the old rainbow pier
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    Imperial Beach Pier — anglers squeezed for space

    Ok maybe that was harsh its tough to run a business i owned one for 40 years i want business to succeed but pier fisherman always get pushed aside i can afford to go on boats buy gear license and all but not everyone can and piers are about the only place that you can fish for free or almost...
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    Imperial Beach Pier — anglers squeezed for space

    I may be blowing steam but dang get the restaurants off the piers they are for fishing .....
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    Monterey 8/20

    Perfect great report thanks
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    A Taste of La Paz, the Sea of Cortez, and some interesting fish —

    reminds me of all the trips to the sea of cortez i made with my dad in the 80 s good times small rooster fish put up a great fight on light tackle and those cabrilla are delicious especially cooked on a sage brush fire thanks for the pictures and making me remember Brock
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    Balboa Pier 8/3

    Catalina has bonito now water is actually warmer around avalon east end than along our coast Last year early october bonito were being caught on the belmont pier small ones showed up first then the larger ones really hard to predict
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    Central Coast Rocks in June

    always like your reports nice pictures of the fish on the mussel bed soup looks great thanks
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    How does another site have the right to use Pier Fishing in California?

    Seems like there copying your site in away not sure what rights you have with this might be worth looking into
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    Archives —

    Ken yes i do look at the old archives great resource of information thanks
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    Fisherman Keeping Illegal fish at San Clemente Pier

    Keeping under size fish is a problem just this week I met a real nice guy gave him some bait he caught a short sand bass and happily offered it to me i told him it was under size needs to release it he immediately asked some one else if they wanted it and they took it i just shook my head in...
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    Round Stingray Got Me!

    Wow sorry about being stung they do hurt I must add that is a very nice spotted bay bass way to go
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    lamiglas surf king

    Thanks for the information about kencor yes nice rods
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    lamiglas surf king

    I use a kencor 12ft soft tip been using for 20 plus years still solid for surf fishing Not sure if there still being made
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    Belmont Pier report

    thanks salted sardines lots of small anchovies in water now and plenty of short halibut I'm not seeing any legal size yet
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    Belmont Pier report

    I fish during the week they clean every morning but its an older pier in need of repair or replace Im not seeing any homeless on the pier they the outdoors people cruise around the area I have no issues with them the weekends well loud music drinking and those type of things all and all a lot...
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    Belmont Pier report

    I have been fishing several day a week at the pier fishing is steady inshore yellowfin and spot fin have hitting most days mussels clams ghost shrimp working for them mackerel mid pier and at the end fair on sabikis short halibut on strips of mackerel live sardines have been tough to catch...
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    Recommendations for fillet knives and boards for halibut

    i use a rh forschner victorinox 802-10 been using for 30 years superb but there are other knives now that are probably as good