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    Fall Stripers

    Haven't been fishing much, or posting reports here for a while. Plugged a hair raiser north of the bay - fishing was slow, but eked out a limit. Been a while since I limited. Salty.
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    golden gate bridge

    I've plugged there years ago - mostly slow for me, but had a couple good days using hair raisers. I'm not great or confident at using plugs, and end up spending most of my time plugging with hair raisers. But yeah, rocks are slippery there and landing a fish can be dicey. I liked high tide, as...
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    Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

    Nice fishing, as usual! Haven't hit the rocks in quite some time - with all this social distancing, maybe it's time. Salty.
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    Right-Hook after Super Tuesday ll

    Nice one, Red! Salty.
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    Working Too Hard For A Skunk

    Oh, man - I've had days like that. Makes you wonder if you should've gone out or not - but if you didn't, you would've kept wondering if you should have. I feel your pain. Salty.
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    Central Coast Rocks Nov. 10 and 14

    Nice rockfish and hali! I like rockfish better, too. Halibut are fun to catch, but meat is leaner and dryer - very little tolerance for overcooking, almost more like a meat than a fish. If you season and add fat in cooking, halibut tastes good, but I'll still take a freshly steamed rockfish. Salty.
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    Area 17 Sturgeon

    Nice fish, Robert! Salty.
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    Catch-up 9/25-10/23 on the Central Coast

    Lots of nice fish and fishing, Walt! Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Thanks, scary fish and Unabobber (haha - like the name). Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Thanks! Here is a link to website with gallery of paintings: Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Thanks, Glen. Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Thanks, Glen - it was your last striper post that inspired me to get off my butt and get out. I've been spending more time painting watercolors than fishing. Here're a few somewhat fishing-related paintings: Morning Breaker Pigeon Pt Fall Run Fish Market East Brother Light Station...
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    Richmond Fishing Video

    Nice video! Recognize a lot of those spots. Salty.
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    Overnighter on Seabiscuit 10/5-10/6

    Nice haul! Love those reds! Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Yes. Spot on. I should order some soon, getting low. Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Thanks, scaryfish, Ken & Robert! It's not a Spro, it's a Slevad ordered online - you can customize, and they hand-make them to order. I really like Spro bucktails, though they're pricey - I haven't used Pucci's too much, so I can't say. Somehow, I like the shape of the Spros, and the Slevads are...
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    Northern Sonoma County Coastline [10.04.2018]

    Nice report and fishing! Congrats on the cabbie limit! Salty.
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    Halibuts @ Redfish's Spot in North Bay

    Nice fishing and report! Salty.
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    Bonito Run to Beat All Previous runs at Balboa Pier Yesterday

    Wow, jealous. They are so fun to catch! Salty.
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    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Finally got out fishing this last wednesday morning. The tides weren't my favorite for this north bay spot - last of outgoing and first of incoming. Got an early bite, but lost the fish in some structure. After searching and casting, got a nice hit and a spirited fight with this chunky fellow -...