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    Central Coast 7/23/20

    Is that a first? I don't ever recall seeing a skunk from you before .
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    My thoughts on current situation with Wuhan virus

    this? " Guys I suggest we move on. We're all suffering from the closures but it doesn't do much good to be arguing who's right given little is going to change. As when fishing with some buddies whose political views are 180 degrees from mine, we just stick to fishing and leave the arguments to...
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    Diamond Classic Kids Pier Derby

    Did you mean January????
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    Marin surf

    Well, that was worth getting wiped out for I would say. Congrats!
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    Where are the salmon?

    Sounds like a fish will be coming along in about 5.33 hrs........just 2 more trips. Actually those stats aren't so bad. I used to fish the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz for steelies. The DF&G creel census data in those days (decades ago) showed catch rate at 0.02 fish/man-hr or 50...
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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Outstanding! Bigger than from a boat...........luck and gut instinct ,time & effort and preparation/readiness and skill all combined.........makes those 2 others look like babies.......all relative. Glad you had that flying gaff.
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    Fishing license

    yes, strongly favor
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    ocean beach

    Thanks for report.