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    Redondo Beach Pier 10/27/20

    I arrived around 8 in the morning and was happy to see the pier wasn’t to crowded. Most everyone was fishing bubble and feather for bonito so I did the same. I ended up with 3 bonito and left around 10am. Fishing was ok but mackerel seemed to be noticeably absent.
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    King Harbor Report

    Hit King Harbor today with bubble and feather. I fished for a couple hours and ended up with one pretty nice Bonita. I’d say it was around 20”.
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    Mackerel question

    Hi Guys , although I’ve been fishing all my life I’ve just started fishing piers this summer. My question is about mackerel. In southern California can you catch them all year round? Or are they more seasonal? Like a warm weather fish?
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    Hermosa Pier 9/14/20

    Fishing was pretty good. Caught seven mackerel. Big Bonita put in a showing for about half an hour early in the morning. For the guys that had the bigger beefy sabikis they took home some fish. They ranged from two to four pounds. Some of the guys even brought in loaded 6 hook sabikis if you can...
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    Hermosa Pier 9-12

    Well I showed up at the pier around 9am this morning hoping to catch some mackerel to stock up on bait for a couple future outings. It wasn’t to be. I ended up catching two but otherwise I had great fishing on calico bass. I ended up with 13 calico and one sand bass. One calico was very close to...
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    Hermosa Pier 8/21/20

    I spent a couple hours trying for mackerel with a Sabiki rig for none. I saw a few fish caught but to be honest they appeared to be sardines caught on the bait catching rigs. I fished Hermosa the week prior and it was really good. I caught about 15 macs and one Bonita but it would seem for now...