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    Want To Try Halibut Fishing? (CDFW update)

    Got this in a CDFW Angler Update. If anyone attends please let us know how it went
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    Where Can I Purchase Live Grass Shrimp?

    Does anyone know where ai can get live grass shrimp on the Peninsula side of the Bay?
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    500 Juvenille California Halibut Released Into the Wild

    It would be great if they could do something like this in San Francisco Bay.
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Has anyone had a chance to fish this pier yet?
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    List of Public Piers in San Francisco?

    Spoke to a fellow fisherman this afternoon. He had just come from fishing the waterfront at Ferry Building Pier (The locals used to refer to it as BART Pier many years ago). He mentioned that he was approached by a Game Warden who asked how the fishing was coming along, and then kindly asked to...
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    Possible New Danger at Beaches

    Quite a few fishermen have decided to stay away from piers during this crisis because of crowds. But the article below indicates that hitting the beach even when there's adequate social distancing could be dangerous. Dr's Warning About Visiting Beaches during Coronavirus Crisis
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    Pacifica Pier Closed

    The story was reported this morning on local news. There will probably be more closures to come as those pier fishermen who are still determined to venture out are funneled to the few piers that remain open, especially those in San Francisco Bay.
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    "Two Rod" Pier Trolley Rig for Salmon

    The rig described below SHOULD NOT be used when salmon fishing from Pacifica Pier. Using two rods is perfectly legal when fishing for salmon from a public pier inside San Francisco Bay. But when fishing for salmon on an oceanside public pier only ONE rod can be used...
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    Halibut Limit Reduction?

    Considering all the reports about crazy numbers of halibut being landed in the Bay coupled with the current limit of three fish per angler per day, do you think that the daily possession limit should be reduced to 2 fish rather than the current 3 fish reg? I’m concerned that the fishery could...
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    Trolley Rigs and Circle Hooks for Salmon

    I’m considerring giving salmon try from from Pacifica Pier. But I would like to get a recommendation on a good quality circle hook. I would especially like to hear from the guys that have had success with this type of fishing. Hook size and manufacturer’s model numbers would be apppreciated as...