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    Want To Try Halibut Fishing? (CDFW update)

    Beginner's Look At California Halibut Fishing The event was posted by the CDFW on YouTube.
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    Want To Try Halibut Fishing? (CDFW update)

    Got this in a CDFW Angler Update. If anyone attends please let us know how it went
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    Where Can I Purchase Live Grass Shrimp?

    Great article and great thread!
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    Where Can I Purchase Live Grass Shrimp?

    Thanks Red and Ken. Good grief Ken! Going to send this thread to my notes for future reference.
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    Where Can I Purchase Live Grass Shrimp?

    Does anyone know where ai can get live grass shrimp on the Peninsula side of the Bay?
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    Any herring news?

    Just a little advice for those loading up on these fish. Try to avoid waste. Just bring home what you will use. When the fish are thick in an area and all it takes is couple of tosses to fill a bucket, it can be too easy to let greed get the better of us. Been there, done that.
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    Fort Point Pier Open?

    Fort Point is open. Was out there yesterday. Most people trying for crab, with a few trying for perch around the pilings.
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    San Francisco Bay fish...

    I've fished the San Francisco waterfront off and on for decades since the 70's. Today a Kingfish might be seen occasionally, whereas in the 70's it was pretty standard to pull up 10-20 fish per angler when a school was moving through. Bullheads are even rarer today. Again, in the 70's, they...
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    500 Juvenille California Halibut Released Into the Wild

    It almost sounds bizarre to even say this, but one day halibut might replace stripers as San Francisco Bay's preeminent game fish. It's clear the striper fishery is continuing to decline, while halibut seem to be caught in large numbers in recent seasons. As SC McCarty said, time has shown that...
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    500 Juvenille California Halibut Released Into the Wild

    It would be great if they could do something like this in San Francisco Bay.
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Great report!
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Thanks for a great report!
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    New Pier in East Bay

    If the legend in the map is correct, it looks like parking is going to be about 2/3 of a mile from the pier. That's a long walk, especially if you're carrying a lot of gear. And you're right Ken, the word "fishing" isn't mentioned in any of the articles I've read about the pier.
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Has anyone had a chance to fish this pier yet?
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    Nice halli from the Marin Rod & Gun Club Pier

    I would love to hear the details on that one! You mentioned that it was caught yesterday. For a moment I thought this might have been a pic from some years ago due to the color of the CDFW license he's wearing on his lanyard.
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    Brined Baits

    Did you buy one of the brining products? Bought some Pro-Cure brine a couple of years ago, but it's not cheap. If you have your own brining recipe, can you post it? Herring should be showing up soon, and I'd like to brine some as bait for next spring.
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    List of Public Piers in San Francisco?

    Here's the link. Apparently FIC stands for Fish In the City.
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    How to Avoid a DF&G Citation...

    Here's a list of the Public Piers in San Francisco obtained from Warden earlier this year. It's always puzzled me as to why and how Ferry Building Pier got flipped from a public fishing pier to a non-public pier...
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    Huge Stripers

    The biggest striper I ever caught was off Pier 45 back in the late 70's. The fish was 48 inches long. There were always lots of anchovies around the pier back then. We would jig up live bait and just hang it off the end of the pier, 10 or 12 feet down. If you really want to drool over big...
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    Northbay Halibut Report

    Great report! And congrats on a nice fish. You mentioned the shoreline season has been a little slow. That also seems to have beeen true for shoreline locations along the SF side of the Bay. Places, such as Crissy Field produced a some good fish last year. But this year the place was dead...