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    Sturgeon hunt in the delta (Dragon)

    Last Saturday, I took my dad for sturgeon fishing on Dragon Sportfishing. I could not imagine better birthday gift for him as dino hunt. The trip was epic, triple and double hook-ups. Limits plus extra fish for crew.... we came home with 2 59 inchers.
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    Do you need fishing license on Martinez pier?

    HI, am I correct that we need to have fishing licence on Martinez pier? - i think yes, since if I'm correct Eckley is the last pier in west delta piers where we do not need license to fish. Thank you, Igor
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    West delta pier report

    Unexpectedly on Sunday I got a green light from family for possibly last fishing trip for the year. I came to the pier about 8 am and fished all incoming tide until water start to go out. Fishing was very slow, no dingy bites - I spent just bag of sardines. The first fish took small piece of...
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    East Delta pier report

    I took my dad fishing last night. We came to the pier at the middle of outgoing tide and waited for water start to push out again. 1. A lot of seaweed.... 2. Baby stripers were at full force (we feed them about 5-6 frozen bait bags) and we did not have chance to put 4th pole in the water. 3...
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    Another weekend, another striper hunt

    Me and my friend went fishing to one of the east delta piers yesterday night. We used frozen bait, 6/0 - 7/0 hooks with 2 sets of rods 2 heavy (65lb braid line) and 2 light with 30lb line. A lot of baby stripers, we went through about 6 bait bags... One large fish unbuttoned (either big...
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    Coastside #2 Bait & Tackle Pacifica closed

    Owner Marquez Glissons passed :( store closed
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    Pacifica beaches and parking closed for long weekend; HMB open

    City post and link to press release Pier maybe open since I did not notice it mentioned in closure notice
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    HMB + Pacifica beaches closed

    Half Moon Bay closing beaches in order to keep HWY 1 open for evacuation. Sorry, i do not have information about jetty
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    Antioch piers closed due to air quality, Martinez open

    Antioch piers closed due to air quality, Martinez open
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    Antioch pier report

    I'm fishing at Antioch pier for the last 6 weeks. The action is pretty decent, absolutely corresponds to pier article. frozen anchovies and sardines almost always produce a keeper or two stripes for me. The biggest I caught was 32-34 inches, but overall 18-22. I like this place, but wind is very...
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    Great day with Dragon sportfishing

    I had a chance to jump great offer to fish on Dragon. I have great passion for sturgeon fishing, cannot pass the opportunity. It was big tides so we stay in shallow waters. Morning bite was above epic, as usual some missed opportunities. I believe we saw 10-15 fishes, the most notable: 3...
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    Penn fathom 30 reel 100$

    I have new penn fathom 30 reel that I'm not going to use. The reel is new, I just opened box. For pic please see $100 if pick up Pacifica, Daly city area.
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    Reel for Team Daiwa 12ft surf rod

    I'm looking for recommendations what reel to pair with 12 ft Team Daiwa for long casting. I usually use 65lb-80lb braid line. I usually use Okuma Avenger - I think price/quality they are good. I'm open to new suggestions
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    Eckley pier closed until April 7

    Eckley pier closed until April 7
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    Cartinez straights report

    Fool moon, good tides (tide coefficient 115/115). I decided to take day off and quarantine myself on one of the piers at Benicia/Crockett area. I used straight eel, 7/0 K owners hooks, 100lb leader with 1/2 sliding sinker and 8oz Sputnik on main line. 39 inch dino C&R in the morning, 17 inch...
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    Need advice

    I need advice. Rain Shadow glass blank custom rod vs Phenix Black Diamond, both 8 feet. The main purpose dino hunt, may use for casting from piers sometimes. Rain Shadow is cheaper a little bit. Hi's tackle sells own build for 190. Thank you for your advice.
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    Eickley pier report

    I went to Eickley pier last Friday. Fished from 4 to 1am. 4 baby stripers and no action on sturgeon rod. Overall very slow day at pier. I saw only one brown shark and possibly one hook up that unbuttoned in 1 min. Very few people on the bank... I spoke to DFG officer and based on his...
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    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Regardless of our believes and religion right now holidays for everyone.
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    Oyster Point pier

    Took my pup for pier fishing instead of walking :) definently she was not very happy. We came at end of outgoing tide with market shrimp in the bag. 3 good sized perches were caught. Also saw 1 halibut on incoming and one nice leopard shark - I think it's not bad for 2 hours of relax time
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    Another fishing report

    I decided to fish yesterday and went straight forward from office, after almost 2 hours of traffic I reached rodeo. I fished my favorite spot for quick 2 keeper stripers "in their 20's" then fished at end of Eckley pier for 40" leopard shark. I left pier at midnight and it was only decent fish...