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  1. pinoyfisherman

    Oyster Point 11/24

    Glad to see some perch out there still. I grew up fishing oyster point as a kid with my dad using pile worms from there and catching black/pile perch. Nowadays I’m launching out of the ramp there to catch the halibut or bigger fish :)
  2. pinoyfisherman

    San Jose Fisherman's Warehouse closing

    Dang, thanks for the heads up. Looks like I have to stop by later.
  3. pinoyfisherman

    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    You can park there all day at the very beginning of the pier the whole day. I’ve been there for over 12 hours multiple times with no ticket and I’ve seen the meter maids come around.
  4. pinoyfisherman

    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Dang I wonder who gave you the tip to go to muni ;)
  5. pinoyfisherman

    Pacifica 8/4

    Have you been primarily targeting stripers only? The season by now will start to slow down. If you have any questions regarding halibut, salmon, or anything just DM me.
  6. pinoyfisherman

    Anchovy hitting Santa Cruz Pier Yet ?

    I know there’s some in Pacifica, might be a bit too far up for you to go up though.
  7. pinoyfisherman

    Crissy field

    Yup what everybody else has been saying, not quite too sure how Ft.Point is though.
  8. pinoyfisherman

    Crissy field

    The halibut have been biting EVERYWHERE, so I'd get out there and wet a line. I've been catching a ton of shakers over by OP on my friend's boat with a few shakers in the mix. I was going to ask though if anyone would be interested in fishing Muni with me though, just shoot me a DM.
  9. pinoyfisherman

    Crissy field

    I’ve had luck mid June over at Crissy field, should pick up soon though for the halis.
  10. pinoyfisherman

    Pier Report

    I'd just pick people's brains on how to catch halibut if you see people around you catching. If you have any questions just DM me and I can help you out as I was pretty successful last year with halibut.
  11. pinoyfisherman

    Northbay Halibut

    Solid fish you caught Red! I can’t wait to get out of school to get in on that halibut run. We definitely have to fish once or twice during the summer together.
  12. pinoyfisherman

    Pacifica pier report 12/27

    Send me a private message, I can give you a few tips because it’s one of the piers I frequent and I know many of the guys out there.
  13. pinoyfisherman

    Any news on Sand Dabs?

    Some here and there at Pacifica. I’d give it a shot once it calms down.
  14. pinoyfisherman

    Favorite crab baits

    I’ve had seals prefer the chicken over fish at times. For me personally, crack open a few holes in some cans of cat/dog food and that’ll work for crabs and keep the seals away.
  15. pinoyfisherman

    Staying in Burlingame Jan 2019... welcome advice

    In front of kincaids/down to coyote point could be some potential stripers, best bet from what I’ve heard are white swimbaits. Robert E wooley will always produce a sharay or two I’d you’ve got squid, good luck out there!
  16. pinoyfisherman


    I think that it can work. What I’ve done with the leftover pork or beef is I’d marinate it with Taco Bell sauce or anything that might be punget for a day or two and I’ve had success.
  17. pinoyfisherman


    The Korean markets here in San Jose sell the squid prettt cheap too. But yeah I’d check any Asian markets as they typically have any fish for pretty cheap.
  18. pinoyfisherman

    Crab opener

    Swells/waves weren’t too bad for me. I was probably running 6 ounces of lead plus bait and my snare was holding down fine.
  19. pinoyfisherman

    Crab opener

    I went out to Ocean Beach with my dad for the opener, we managed 9 keepers from noon to 5pm. Went to check out the pier afterward and just like you folks were saying it was pretty rough, and not a lot of keepers even out at the end. I'll be back this weekend to hit up the beach if anyone would...
  20. pinoyfisherman

    How much money do you spend per year on fishing?

    Most likely between 800-900 bucks for me. I used to be a much heavier spender.