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    Huntington Beach Pier-Unusual Catch 1/13

    Check out this live sand dollar my wife "caught" while fishing from the pier. Sand dollar was wrapped up in a hi/lo rig! First catch of this type of sea life. Lots of crabs getting to any bait resting on the bottom before fish did. Almost every cast out brought a crab holding onto the bait...
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    Help To Identify This Fish

    Hello Friends, caught this fish at Avila Pier on Friday afternoon. Used cut anchovy. It has a large head and mouth. One small sharp spine on both sides of the head. Yellow/Brown color. Stripes on the pectoral/caudal fins. Dorsal fin separated into two. Thanks for the help.
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    Pismo Beach Pier Open For Fishing?

    Is the pier currently open for fishing? Planning to go to Pismo Beach in November 18 - 20, 2020. Thank you.
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    Needlefish At 1st Street Jetty Seal Beach

    Surprise catch of a Needlefish about 22 inches long at the jetty in Seal Beach. Caught with a Gulp sandworm on a high/low rig.
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    Veterans Memorial Pier Long Beach - Butterfly Ray

    Caught and Released interesting looking Butterfly Ray at pier. Caught on cut anchovy.
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    Shark And Ray Fisherman - Thank You!

    To all the ShaRay fisherman who practice Catch and Release and use hoop nets to land them - Thank You! Your examples of conservation sets a good example for all fisherman especially the young fisherman. Keep up the positive energy. P.S. Be very careful with the overhead casting. It's...
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    Too Many Fishing Poles

    Today January 28th I fished at Seal Beach pier. I arrived at 6 a.m. At the end of the pier was a couple who were fishing with 8 rods! All 8 lines were baited and in the water. I notified DFG via text along with a picture. I received a text response from DFG at about 8:30 a.m. DFG said they do...
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    Pier Gaffs versus Nets

    I've seen many shark and ray fisherman gaff their catch (with injury) to the shark and ray. Then release the fish. Why are fisherman injuring and releasing the catch. Catch and release implies releasing an uninjured fish. Anyone else see this as a problem? This has occurred at Oceanside...
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    Cabrillo Mole Terminal Catalina Island

    Cabrillo mole closed to fishing during construction. Anyone know when construction started and when it is anticipated construction will be completed? Made a trip to the island for fishing. Surprised and disappointed place closed. Thank you.
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    Belmont Pier aka Veteran's Memorial Pier. Updates On Refurbishing?

    Been doing some fishing at Veteran's Memorial Pier in Long Beach about twice a month this year. Only practice catch and release of croaker, mackerel, sandshark, ray's, etc. Beats working.:) Each time the pier is dirty. Littered with trash, rubber gloves and graffiti. (n) Even patches of grass...
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    Loud Inappropriateness Music On Piers

    Has anyone experienced a great day on the pier interrupted by another "fisherman" playing loud music with very vulgar and publicly inappropriate language? I've experienced this at the following piers: Oceanside, San Clemente and Belmont. What can be done? I generally move or call it quits for...