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    Finding live anchovies

    Chovies seemes like they have been in short supply in the area past few years, every once in a while a catch a few, they were usually grouped with grunions. Not even the bait receivers have had any lately. I blame commercial overfishing, but as Ken said, they are prob just moving around alot...
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    San Clemente 11/22

    Good job! Nice pier! Try using fresh chunk sardines for those sheephead? I got that tip from mr egononbaptismo, and it works well!!!
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    Fished San Clemente Pier

    Thank you for the report!
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    Balboa Pier Sunday 10-25-20 One Bonito!

    Got to Balboa around 9am, tons of bait in the water, semi-strong current, wind picked up more and more as the day went on. After about 20 mins of bait fishing, finally able to locate some sardines, once i got past the smelt on the surface. Also had my splash feather ready and a jig ready on...
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    New Pier in East Bay

    Dang! I lived in E-Ville for 12 years, 20 years ago. Why did they have to wait so long?!
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    Redondo Beach - King Harbor 10-20-2020

    Good job! Hopefully those boneheads will stick around a little bit longer!
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    Redondo Pier report 10-17 Saturday Night

    usually not when the sun is out, however, i start chemlight deployment when the sun is near the horizon just before it gets dark.
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    Sleepy Day at Huntington Beach Pier interrupted by Halibut Report 10/18/20

    I like to burn the tips of the tag ends a little so you get a little ball at the end, will prevent the knot from slipping out on a uni-uni. Or use another knot 😁
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    Redondo Pier report 10-17 Saturday Night

    Goal was to try and hoop some lobsters after the sun went down- arrived at the packed pier around 4:30pm to make some macks- easily made a few dozen in less than an hour along with some giant sardines. Size 1 hook, big sardines all day, jumped up to the 1/0 and they magically turned into decent...
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    Missing Fisherman Offshore Carmel

    Wish i could help. Hope all is well and you can locate him soon.
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    Balboa Pier - Tu/Th 9/29 & 10/1

    Sometimes only live bait will work, but first you have to find them. Sardines usually work best, though occasionally i have had luck with smelt, and chovies or grunion when/if you can fine those. Fish em near the surface and you should get a few bites when the school flies through. I would try...
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    Any tips for the Newport Jetty

    Dont forget the Krocodile spoon, works well in fast current and in/near eddys. Wear shoes with a lot of grip for the slippery rocks. Bring a “porta-john” or gatorade bottle for bathroom breaks, restroom is far and if youre like me and drink a lot of fluids, you will need it often. Try fishing...
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    Newport Pier 9/9

    the guys with the long sabikis feel it works better to imitate a school of bait, not necessarily to catch ten at once, but the more the better to them. I prefer not to have that many hooks, there is no reason to. I have only seen most of them only cast underhand, And they are good at it. They...
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    I have heard a little bit about the problem in Oregon, i think they tried out a solution that only made things worse? As for being a tough problem, I completely agree, there is really no instant solution, it will take a long term plan to repopulate their food sources and get the pinnipeds back...
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    I vote for conservation of our marine mammals and “deter” gear, public and private property from damaging our precious wildlife. It is frustrating if they chew through your commercial nets when they get stuck, dont leave them there to begin with, need better commercial regulation. I appreciate...
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    Seal and Sea Lion pups —

    I know most anglers hate seals and sea lions, but I love the little guys! Some of the most intelligent creatures I have witnessed. These animals need help from the destruction caused by dumb humans! Support the Marine Mammal Care Center San Pedro!!!
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    Redondo pier. 09/07.

    Bonito at the piers = timing is key!
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    Two Harbors 8/10-12

    The one I have been using Is the Riptide slow sinking model, 4” silver, i like a little extra weight on my lures. Been working for me on the surface bite, dont know about the halibut bite tho since i suck at catching halibut 😁
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    Two Harbors 8/10-12

    i was out in a boat at Catalina back side west last Sunday, Nomad hard bait and pink or all silver Coltsniper 21g-60g was killing it on the bonito, on the troll, then stopped and we tossed snipers and reeled fast, they only wanted fast lures, wouldnt touch the live sardines. 21g on a light bass...