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    THREE WINS IN A WEEK!In hockey, it’s called a hat trick. In bowling, it’s a turkey. No matter what term you choose, the three major wins this week are great news for fishermen.In Congress, the America THREE WINS IN A WEEK! In hockey, it’s called a hat trick. In bowling, it’s a turkey. No...
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    Let's have a chuckle.

    Lets have a chuckle. This is translation from a Turkish joke. Urine analysis: If you pee on a tree and the ants show up, you have diabetes, If it dries very quickly, you have high blood pressure, If it smells like meat, you have high cholestroal, If you pee before you un-zip your...
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    Something different!

    Foreword: Recently I have been watching videos about fishing in Turkey. First and most, it is about fishing which I love. But it also helps me remember Turkish words, phrases, Turkish fishing terms, etc. If a second language is not practiced it will get rusty. Third, this particular poster...
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    I thought I share it here the email I got today. Several years ago I went a meeting about the same subject. NOAA Fisheries Releases Proposed Rule for Marine Mammal Non-Lethal Deterrents Today, NOAA Fisheries is soliciting input on a proposed regulation for safely deterring marine mammals from...
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    Action needed.

    The bill that could “close the coast’ - AB 3030 – is headed for an important committee vote this week. TELL THE SENATE - OPPOSE AB 3030 The bill that could "close the coast" – AB 3030 – is headed for an important committee vote this Wednesday. Don’t wait. Tell your Senator to oppose AB 3030...
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    Alaska trip 2020-part three.

    You may recall, due to two check-in bags and transportation issue for me, I decided to have my fish sent via freight on Alaska Airlines. After several delays due to miss-handling by the seaplanes in Alaska, it arrived on Sunday noon. I was once more surprised since ETA was Monday 8:06 PM! I was...
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    Alaska trip part two.

    Here is a link to part two of my report.
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    Alaska trip 7/20-25/2020 part one.

    Here is a link to my recent trip report about fishing in Alaska. Hope you like it.
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    To eat or not to eat….that is the question?

    From time to time, there has been discussion of the food value of mackerel and bonito on various fishing websites that I enjoy membership. Having lived in Istanbul, Turkey, I have had enjoyed the seafood dishes that are prepared there. I noticed that mackerel and bonito have a higher food value...
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    A brain teaser....

    A man is totally dressed in black: black shoes, socks, trousers, coat, gloves and ski mask. He walks down a back street with the street lamps off. A black car coming toward him with its headlamps off, but somehow manages to stop in time. How did the driver see the man? From my daily fishing...
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    Reef restoration project.

    Long ago I went to some meetings regarding building a reef at the Long Beach pier. Maybe this one is instead of that. It was called the Monsanto lawsuit project, or something similar. It had to do with Monsanto Chemical Company dumping PCB and other chemicals in the ocean in Rancho Palos...
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    “Fish so thick that you have to bait your hook in your pocket”

    “Fish so thick that you have to bait your hook in your pocket” It is a comment made toward the end of the 20 min clip about a trip to Santa Catalina Island. I came across the clip on YouTube and thought to share it. It is a B&W clip made in 1938. A couple of notes: there is an annoying...
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    Always fishing.
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    Catalina lobster trip, 2/25/2020. Smi-long, w/pic.

    It had been a long time since I had visited the city of Avalon on the Island of Santa Catalina. My ice fishing trip had something to do with it. I had two round trip tickets, plus two Commodore vouchers expire from my commuter booklet. I had neglected to use them before the year was up. The...
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    Question about posting on this website.

    When I make one of my long reports, I post it on three different fishing websites. I pay particular attention to spacing between pictures, date information, etc. On two other websites, the post comes out the way I like it. However, ever since the new format here, the spacing seems to be way...
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    Ice fishing trip Wyoming, 122020, part two.

    Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 Once more today to a new location to fish. 33-This location is called “Lost Dog”. I had seen good reports about this location. 34-There is (10) miles of treacherous road to get to this place. Snow compacted by other drivers had made it...
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    Ice fishing trip, Wyoming 122020, part one.

    Once more the winter finally arrived and I got going to my ice fishing trip. Since last trip of last winter, I had spent a lot of time in improving my gear as well as some money. Could not wait to try them all. This time was a reservoir called Flaming Gorge. It is a big reservoir that is...
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    Something different.

    I have been wanting to post these pictures for some time now. Finally; here they are: 1-Fishing buddies on a float. 2- Off of my Xmas present from my daughter. 3-Clark Gable getting ready for fishing. From a paper “The local, the voice of malibu”
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    Old Catalina Bay.

    I came across this picture in a book called California in Full Color. By H.S Croker Co. A Mirro-Krome product. 1964 Avalon Harbor without the Cabrillo Mole.
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    More information about Cabrillo Mole closure to fishing.

    The Harbor Master was not in today, so I talked to the telephone operator/secretary who works there during the days. According to her: The channel/ocean side of the Mole is closed to fishing for repairs. The Catalina Express still docks at landing #1 and #3. The Harbor side was always been...