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    Updated article, California Lizardfish

    over at navy pier in San Diego a few years ago they were all over jumping out of the water attacking the anchovy schools. you can use them for bait and I did loose a couple big take downs, probably sharks. whoopie
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    Updated article, California Lizardfish

    yuck. they are too much at times
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    Will the Martinez Pier be closed?

    yeah they're gonna shut it down and then realize it costs too much money and it will never reopen
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    Two Questions for Surf Perch Fans

    i always switch things around when the bite is slow. the perch always change their behaviour fish tacos
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    Huge Stripers

    those pictures are bad ass. kababayan represent
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    Anybody remember the old Treasure Island Pier?

    I posted something about this pier long ago but it was irrelevant I guess
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    Anything happening in the Monterey area?

    its going to be hot. that means too many tourists at the beach and piers
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    Striper bass becoming less and less

    the little ones. unfortunately many people were not blessed to see such a sight
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    Striper bass becoming less and less

    Several years ago, maybe 10 years ago, I witnessed massive schools of stripers in Rodeo and Pinole. Then I used to catch 30 fish in a day for several days in a row. I also witnessed 2 massive stripers working as a team to ambush and prey on smaller stripers. #cannibalism
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    Santa Cruz Wharf — 23 years

    after I moved to the Bay Area from Guam my regular fishing was infrequent as I went off to college and spent time being a rock and roll dreamer and pursuing girls. But as I settled down in Mountain View I started fishing again and the one place I went to somewhat infrequently was Santa Cruz...
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    Alaska trip 7/20-25/2020 part one.

    very nice. that's the life
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    A Guide to Keep Anchovies Alive 101

    yeah some fish are hardy. anchovies are not
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    What are the best artificial lures for species like bay bass, halibut and shortfin corvina?

    the tackle shops in the Southern California stock all that good stuff. Up here they only have fishing gear for deep sea fishing and freshwater fishing. Nothing for brackish, bay, and surf fishing.
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    A Guide to Keep Anchovies Alive 101

    increased water capacity or basically, having less anchovies in your well the better. same thing as too many goldfish in an aquarium
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    What are the best artificial lures for species like bay bass, halibut and shortfin corvina?

    I use whatever the freshwater bass fishing market is selling
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    went yesterday it was pretty damn hot. weather. got several grabs on the chatter bait. probably smaller bass. didn't hook up. I gotta sharpen the hooks... the worm wasn't working. kinda windy
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    What are the best artificial lures for species like bay bass, halibut and shortfin corvina?

    I used to also fly fish there. nymph-ing shrimp-like flies. pretty effective avoiding all the snags and kelp. and natural presentation helps with wary fish.
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    Shelter Island Pier Fish

    miss that pier. its been over a year... also halibut, mackerel, smelt. bat rays, shovel nose sharks, lol. I once caught a barracuda as well.
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    Fishing between the pilings for halibut

    drop a swim bait to the bottom and hop it around. watch and feel your lure/line hit the bottom, move the rod to hop it a few feet or as you reel towards yourself. you can catch halibut, stripers, lingcod, bigger rockfish this way. either its a tap tap, snaggy hold, or a sudden grab. whatever is...
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    lamiglas surf king

    lamigas. lamiglas. whatever