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    Snelling your own baitholder hooks

    I don't know what snell knot you guys use, but I use this snell knot It's also called the "Hippo Lau Reverse Snell Knot." (3:21) I have no problem snelling size 14 baitholder hooks using this snell knot and the barbs can easily be avoided during the turning wraps.
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    Crab Ring Netting

    I got my shuttles and nylon twine from Jann's Netcraft. They have a good variety of other fishing related items as well. To repair crab nets or even make your...
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    lamiglas surf king

    Murphy's Law. I've been there. Got to the pier and noticed that my air stones were out of the water and the majority of the anchovies were dead. Accidentally lost my bait net into the bay waters. I don't recall how that happened. Skunked and left early to try to beat the rush hour traffic...
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    Semi-Universal Rod Holders

    This is in regards to the comment by Robin. I figured it's best to post my response here. Posted by Robin Nov 02, 2018 "I am trying to find a video or instructions on how to make a rod holder for this pier. Last time I was here, I saw several...
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    I am very superstitious when it comes to fishing. While on a fishing trip, if I were to lose a swivel, a coin, a knife, a hair, a tag end of a fishing knot I had just clipped off, that usually spells doom for me for the rest of the trip. About two weeks ago, I was making halibut rigs in the...
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    Magic Thread Bobbin

    I have dabbled in the realm of fly-tying. As a result, I came up with this: using a bobbin to hold magic thread. Your popsicle is going to look like a work of art!
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    Fishing between the pilings for halibut

    I haven't been to Ft. Point for more than 3 weeks. The last time I was there I skunked and had a really hard time catching the bigger smelt for bait. It didn't help that I dozed off and the stupid sea gulls pulled my chum container into the water. It's the second chum container I have lost at...
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    Live bait bucket the easy way to retrieve a piece of live bait

    I hate to 1-up you, but I'm going to. Maybe 500-up you if you count the number of holes? My bucket works great for shiners and smelt, but not so much for anchovies. Anchovies will survive this, but barely. If I am not planning on carrying bait to a different location to fish, this is my goto...
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    A Guide to Keep Anchovies Alive 101

    I ran into a nice gentlemen last week at a pier who showed me his bucket of rock crabs. He was 3 shy of his limit and I was blown away since I have not seen anyone catch so many crabs since the late 80's. That 5 gallon bucket was filled to the rim. He was pulling in crab after crab with his...
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    Fishing between the pilings for halibut

    Fishing 101 The halibut bite will depend on the setup you are using. I always use a homemade 3-way setup with a ball bearing swivel wedged in between some beads. The hook is attached to the swivel. This is my goto live bait setup and I rarely get tangles which is key when fishing with live...
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    Muni Rod Holders For Sale

    Spray paint. Krylon Fusion. I will update with pics after I'm done.
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    Holy ACTUAL REPORT..........Updated 8/1/2020

    Ran into a guy at J&P while picking up live anchovies last week. He said big halibut were in the Bolinas area.
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    Muni Rod Holders For Sale

    Thank you. On a side note, I am going to paint them.
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    Some Newer Nostalgia

    Well, about 10 years ago, the Berkeley Pier was still open and posting a report would not have mattered because there was always a spot to fish on that pier. With that pier gone and the decrease in fishing spots in general, posting a fishing report will likely get 20 people fishing at your spot...
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    The 1st Keeper of the Year

    It's crazy how dead Paradise has been this year. In past years, I would easily pull up 10+ fish on every outing and had an average of at least a keeper a day. Even the shakers are missing this year. I pretty much gave up on that place, and that steep hill.
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    Well This is DEPRESSING........LONG

    Hang in there and look on the bright side. Not fishing means you didn't lose any fish. This year, I lost 4 nice halibut. A mid 20's was lost when he saw the net and shook off the hook. I had 3 chances to land my first 30"+ halibut and two were lost during the net job. The biggest one I lost...
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    Muni Rod Holders For Sale

    I recently made some prototype rodholders for Muni pier. Works great. You can trust your $1000 setup on them. I put in a lot of work into making these rodholders and the cost of the material was not cheap, so I'm selling them for $100 a pair. The only thing is you're going to have to remove...