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    Semi-Universal Rod Holders

    This is in regards to the comment by Robin. I figured it's best to post my response here. Posted by Robin Nov 02, 2018 "I am trying to find a video or instructions on how to make a rod holder for this pier. Last time I was here, I saw several...
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    I am very superstitious when it comes to fishing. While on a fishing trip, if I were to lose a swivel, a coin, a knife, a hair, a tag end of a fishing knot I had just clipped off, that usually spells doom for me for the rest of the trip. About two weeks ago, I was making halibut rigs in the...
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    Magic Thread Bobbin

    I have dabbled in the realm of fly-tying. As a result, I came up with this: using a bobbin to hold magic thread. Your popsicle is going to look like a work of art!
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    A Guide to Keep Anchovies Alive 101

    I ran into a nice gentlemen last week at a pier who showed me his bucket of rock crabs. He was 3 shy of his limit and I was blown away since I have not seen anyone catch so many crabs since the late 80's. That 5 gallon bucket was filled to the rim. He was pulling in crab after crab with his...
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    Muni Rod Holders For Sale

    I recently made some prototype rodholders for Muni pier. Works great. You can trust your $1000 setup on them. I put in a lot of work into making these rodholders and the cost of the material was not cheap, so I'm selling them for $100 a pair. The only thing is you're going to have to remove...