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    lamiglas surf king

    after several years, my surf king finally snapped just like what I've heard others report. Snapped at the butt end of the two piece rod at the connection, while casting. What sucked was that I had brought two rods, and first, my cheap bass pro surf reel got a failed anti-reverse. So, I switched...
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    Slow at the SF beach yesterday

    I fished it hard for 3.5 hours from the wave organ to the east beach yesterday morning with lures. There were a handful of pluggers out too and lots of boats. I didn't see anyone hook up, even me, except one guy on the boat that was only 40 yards offshore. He got a 30+ inch flattie which is what...
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    caught a couple spotted bass yesterday. small but strong. I guess my lure this year is the white chatter bait. nothing else works as well, except the rattletrap, which was killing them last year.
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    list your main gear

    I'm bored. I was trying to play the piano yesterday and realized I'd forgotten how to read sheet music. So in this exercise it would help me remember what fishing gear I have collected over the years. A few days ago I opened my reel drawer and realized that I had an Abu 5500. I was like, I...
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    tbh plastic worms

    this old salt never caught a fish with plastic worms. i tried many times. until now. i rigged it drop shot style from the shore. tossed it in. wiggled and bounced. tap pull then hooked up like bait fishing.
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    striper at home

    so now i just fish from my home county and sometimes my own neighborhood. today i hit up the incoming tide with some old frozen mackerel for my first time bait fishing in a long time. rigged up a sliding weight rig and circle hook set the drag loosely and waited about an hour... took it home to...
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    striper in before the lock

    got 4 striper on a white swimbait in Berkeley shores last week on the outgoing tide before it became taboo/@unsafe to fish outside one's county... here was the biggest one at measly 18" then i decided to stay close to home. plus it started to get that 2 days of cold rain .
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    local lake

    I've been fishing these past few days and today at the local lake here in Solano County. I lost a tough little bass on my white chatter bait. When I tried a dark blue chatter bait there's nothing happening. Tried a dark brown jig and bounced it on the bottom nothing. Today I was bouncing around...
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    spotted bass

    fished out here in solano county and got a spottie on a big white chatterbait. plus two smaller ones. this bigger one was thick. once again a soft bite but heavy fight.
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    finally striper

    sheesh. i usually catch stripers in January at my neck of the bay but this year it was fruitless plus life is busy... Sunday at a spot in view of the two bridges i got a small loner baby striper sbout 16". lol. white swimbait with one of those bass fishing soft ridged cylinder bodies. 30 minutes...
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    perch grubbing meetup

    K, let's do a fishing meetup. This will be perch grubbing for beginners. March 21 Saturday Crissy Field beach 8am. I will post details in this thread. I'll take the time to show beginners how to do this kind of fishing for a few minutes at the top of the hour all morning. The rest of you can...
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    zodiac killer lake vallejo

    no fish. I've been fishing here all year (2020) hoping to get in before the spawn but no fish. wait. I did catch one bass 2 weeks ago on a slow retrieve of my lipless crank bait. soft bite. about a foot long. But after several more trips no fish.
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    warm weather no fish coco county shores

    I've been fishing several times this year up northwest coco county shoreline. The water is calm and clear. The weather is too hot. The water is cold. No fish. Only some bait dunkers catching small stripers at a slow rate.
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    Went out to meet the sea breeze yesterday evening, saw a bait guy leaving. Immediately got into 5 straight hookups of schoolies, the biggest was 19". All fast for their size. Cuz they just put on the after burners as soon as my san diego colored swimbait hit the water jumping and splashing. All...
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    Silver strand beach

    Saturday i went to silver strand in san Diego to avoid the crowds. But 3/4 of the beach was used for a volleyball tourney, ugh. I fished the notth end and got a few small BSP perch and found a hefty clam. Perch by grubbing with little brown plastic grubs
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    Sandy eggo

    I caught a few bass at san diego bay last week during my visit rock hopping and scootering around near the airport using 3 or 4 inch swimbait, xmas tree red green or the ubiquitous sfbay white. Outgoing tide, mornings
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    What fish is this?

    I snagged its thick spiney rearward dorsal fin at lake herman vallejo yesterday. Its bronze with white underside. Small mouth and head like a mullet, no teeth, big belly, pretty strong. Its probably a huge "Hardhead" native California fish. Its almost 4lbs, about 16".
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    Bass before the storm

    Got this spotted at Tick infested lake in solano cnty yesterday before the storm. I used a ratltrap type of lure from wish, my jdm daiwa fishing line from wish and my sougayilang reel from wish lol. The only thing american was my ugly stik. Throwing diagonally from shore at the entrance of the park.
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    Solano county lake

    I got lucky this evening, got three spotted bass. Getting bigger
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    First got some dose of refinery smog at first street shoreline and no fish at the outgoing tide. Then went out to the local lake throwing my smaller saltwater lures to try and get that elusive largemouth bass. Finally got one sfter covering a mile of shoreline using a ratLtrap.