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    Some Newer Nostalgia

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    Easing Off On Covid-19

    Thought you were outta here. How can we miss you if you won't leave?
  3. The Happy Wanderer

    How many have had reservations canceled?

    And now you insult people who play by the rules.
  4. The Happy Wanderer

    How many have had reservations canceled?

    First world problems. Many of us have been inconvenienced by the virus. But we are still alive, so griping is a bit pathetic. Somehow this great republic has diminished. We have gone from Can Do to Sez Who to Screw You. No way we'd have won WWII with this self-centeredness. My son and his...
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    Are deaths down?

    Are deaths down? Apparently not.
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    River Striper In The Bay?

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    They Are Still Out There

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    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Usually I stay out of this stuff. You have inspired me, however. You seem to know a lot about Matt and his activities, enough so you could have told him all this personally (or in a pm) and kept the personal accusation off the public board. That would have been the classier approach. As...