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  1. Ken Jones


    Wow, fireworks going off in every direction and I mean BIG, undoubtedly illegal fireworks. Sound like a war zone.
  2. Ken Jones

    Balboa Pier
  3. Ken Jones

    Newport Pier
  4. Ken Jones

    A Trip to California’s North Coast and its Piers, Oct. 1, 2015 (Day 1)

    More like a travel log.
  5. Ken Jones

    A Trip to California’s North Coast and its Piers, Oct. 2, 2015 (Day 2)

    More like a travel log.
  6. Ken Jones

    Happy July 4 Everyone

    Have a good time but stay safe.
  7. Ken Jones

    Some updated fishing stats...

    With a plethora of free time available at home, I decided it was time to finish updating my various fish statistics. Some of you know that I've been keeping these stats since 1962 when I began fishing the Newport Pier. To some it's a waste of time but I feel it gives me a better idea of what's...
  8. Ken Jones

    A Trip To Southern California Piers In 2015 During Hot, Hot Weather—a-trip-to-the-socal-piers/
  9. Ken Jones

    A Trip To Monterey And Its Piers—-and-some-piers/ Sad to say but the Seacliff Pier is no longer open and may not reopen.
  10. Ken Jones

    Remembering James Liu—-rip/
  11. Ken Jones

    2006 PFIC Poetry Contest

    2006 PFIC Poetry Contest The King by Daniel P. Neal/Orkspace — 1st Place Winner Beneath the swirling tides there waits a king. His palace gardens filled with kelp of green. Supplicants prostrate and fill waiting wings To bring tribute, else meet his teeth so keen. At a signal, his...
  12. Ken Jones

    The 2002 PFIC Short Story Contest

    We used to have fun with little things like short story contests. I don't know if they would get entrants these days? 2002 Fiction Stories Habit — 1st Place Winner — By Songslinger A few minutes after dawn Jake Lawson wheeled his fishing cart up to the midway point of Berkeley Pier and set up...
  13. Ken Jones


    My postman dropped off the mail and as usual lately on these 90+ degree days I offered him a cold bottle of water. He's getting ready to go on vacation and mentioned he might head to San Diego to get out of the heat. In response, I talked to him a little about pier fishing in San Diego and what...
  14. Ken Jones

    The way it used to be...—/
  15. Ken Jones

    Green Pleasure Pier, Avalon — Report

    Green Pleasure Pier (Avalon, Catalina Island) – I talked to the Harbor Master and the pier is open but hotels and restaurants in Avalon are hit and miss, some open, some not. Given that the Mole is closed, pier fishing is restricted to the pleasure pier but he said it’s usually not crowded. When...
  16. Ken Jones

    Balboa Pier Report

    Got the following from Snookie but it's not clear if Balboa and Newport will be open this weekend. Balboa Pier — Our reporter Snookie said, “Things are trying to get back to normal finally. Have been fishing Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not Sundays. Sundays are still too crowded. The bait...
  17. Ken Jones

    The first Catalina get Together — 2002—-2002/
  18. Ken Jones

    2002 PFIC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier
  19. Ken Jones

    Stuck in Catalina With The Bonito Blues Again—/
  20. Ken Jones

    Catalina Get Togethers

    Maybe time to redo a gathering when things open up?—/