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    Any interest in PFIC Get Togethers?

    "mid September Benicia Salmon fishing " I'd be down for that. But if you intend to go to Dillon Point, of course we might not all fit there! LOL
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    Any interest in PFIC Get Togethers?

    +2 for South Central Coast (me + fiancee)
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    Robbery at Port Hueneme Pier

    Wow... I was fishing alone on the La Jenelle jetty two nights before that (11/10). The full moon and calm weather made me think it was OK but I was a hesitant because there might be thugs... Guess I was lucky. I hope the authorities will get the word out and fishers will be safe out there. I...
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    Nice 20-lb bonito...

    That's insane! I'd love to fight that beast!
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    Gray Laws on White Sharks

    A well written article but it's too bad the author will never get those two hours of his life back. Why? Because he all but insisted (between the lines) that if you "cannot NOT" target GWS, then all fishing activity that could hook one should be outlawed. He could have just said that ;)
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    What's your favorite pier...

    Goleta Pier. It's where I learned how to fish the ocean (as opposed to trout from a lake shore) and where I met my SO.
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    Their arms were numb... ah yes, I can see that...

    Incredible and sickening at the same time.
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    August 2019 Fishing Report, Central California (#250)

    Monterey Coast Guard Pier: My GF and I went to go fish here on July 14th but found that the gate is locked and a sign posted stating that a construction project is commencing. I don't recall how long the pier will be closed but maybe the city can tell you if interested.
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    " mouth looks small, and I don't see prominent teeth " Catch him again in five years and that won't be the case anymore :D
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    Does anyone have experience with Okuma rods

    I, too, always check Amazon reviews on any product before purchasing and then weight the odds. I bought an Okuma Tundra combo (10' MH rod with size 6000(?) spinning real) for $50 in 20-17 and thus far only a line guide eye has popped off at some time unknown. I glued it back in place. The combo...
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    Avalon 7/10

    Great report, thank you for sharing!
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    White Sea bass explosion

    Hi Snookie! Gotta love that Balboa Pier! Good report.
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    Old Message Boards

    +1 to a read only version of the archives. Too much great info to let go of. And memories, too.
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    Mirage 6/3-6/4

    Heck yeah! Gratz on this milestone in life!
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    Suggestions - party boats in Clearwater-Tampa-St. Pete area

    If anyone has had good experiences, I’d appreciate recommendations. Looking to go out this later month. Thanks!
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    I had been beach fishing for surf perch around Santa Barbara in Jan – Feb but was not having any luck. This month, rented a boat at Cachuma and caught bass. Going back Sunday. Not hitting the piers until June probably.
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    Some (updated) sad news on Mike Spence (Santa) —

    Rest in peace, Mike. You will be missed :(
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    What fishing looks like today...

    "Hi honey everyone's catching lots of mackerel, I might be here a while... Don't be silly - of course I'm drinking beer."
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    Anyone fished Ventura, Stearns Wharf or Goleta recently?

    Sorry to say I have not fished any of those since October, but Monday I was grubbing at Tar Pits Park in Carpinteria and kept getting hit in the ankles by sticks, logs, and stones due to recent storms and pounding surf. Fished for 3 1/2 hours for not even a bite. The perch weren't home. That...
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    Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

    Great photos, FD! Another sweet report.