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  1. Unabobber

    Marin surf

    Love the report Charro1! Congrats on the impressive catch!
  2. Unabobber

    Muni Pier 8/5/19

    Dam Matt...that's a BEAST.(y)
  3. Unabobber

    How strong should be leader?

    ILYA, are you bombing Mickys in the surf zone or just bouncing swim baits in the bay? If your tossing heavy metal to the stripers, then throw nothing lower than 20 lb test mono or flouro. I personally use 25 lb big game mono as my leader and i do just fine. There's folks who swear by flouro...
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    Old Message Boards

    +1 on the read only version. Lots of great knowledge to be had!
  5. Unabobber

    Lawson's Landing..........Sun 5/18/19.........Going to give it a try

    Hey DSRTEGL, check out ASIANA Market in Cotati. It's address is 7665 Old Redwood Hwy. They should have what you need there and it's not far from Rohnert Park.
  6. Unabobber

    Halibut limit along Berkeley pier in kayak 5/11

    Nice haul! Did you get them flatties on frozen posicles, live bait, or lures?
  7. Unabobber

    Marin surf

    Thanks for a great report Charro. Did you use grubs the whole time or did you switch it up with other baits such as gulp sandworms or sandcrabs?
  8. Unabobber

    Expensive fish

    Look like a bluefish to me too. Dude has a sweet setup though.
  9. Unabobber

    Pier Report

    The key to crab netting a keeper halibut from a pier is to make sure the halibut is exhausted and to keep it just below the water line. I've seen people so excited, they rush over and have the halibut half-way out of the water while its still green. You do not want the halibut to do a last...
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    Pier Report

    Thanks for the report Astralography. Success will find you as long as you continue putting in the time.
  11. Unabobber

    Is anyone fishing?

    I had a two hour window to fish the East Bay shoreline between my honey-dos and was able to land several stripers and a shaker halibut. One of the stripers was a keeper at 19 inches but released it for someone else to catch in the future.:)
  12. Unabobber

    Campbell Cove Bodega Bay Crabbing..........Report.........UPDATED 5/11/19.......SLOW

    Thanks for the report. Was planning on getting my crab fix over there this Saturday but chores took too long to finish. LOL DSRTEGL, have you ever snared at Dillons Beach? I bet it would be good there. I've seen many dungee shells wash up on the shore line when perch fishing there.
  13. Unabobber

    Point Pinole Pier

    Hey Red, is this pier typically more productive on the incoming or outgoing tides?
  14. Unabobber

    Point Pinole Pier

    This past Sunday, I decided to hike along the Point Pinole shoreline and work my way to the Pier to see if the fishes were willing to play. Although the waters were still muddy, the bass were around if you had bait and lots of patience. I saw a couple of striped bass ranging around 5-8 pounds...
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    Buy/sell/trade board?

    I think a BST board would be good idea. There are lots of talented DIYers locally.
  16. Unabobber

    Stripers - 2/3 Ain't Bad...

    Beautiful water color paintings Salty. You got talent. (y) on the limit.
  17. Unabobber

    Monterey Coast Guard Pier pictures — Ted Harada

    Looks like Ted is the man at that location. Nice variety of fish!
  18. Unabobber

    Richmond Fishing Video

    Nice video indeed representing the local peeps. Good job Robert!(y)
  19. Unabobber

    Rock fish sp.?

    Thanks for providing the link sea++, that's a great resource!