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    2019 Trinidad Pier Youth Fishing Derby

    yeah ken, that would be awesome!!

    2019 Trinidad Pier Youth Fishing Derby

    Me too. if i have time.

    Cheating at Shelter Island Kid's Derby.

    if you want to design a score card mahigeer i can help in that dept. remember, i used to be a offset printer and i know graphics design. so if you need help creating something, let me know. although its sad that parents cheat its like the college scandal, pay you way to get to the top!! or cheat...

    Asking for help from tec. savvy members here.

    do you have the die format??!? I have access to a die cutter, just need to make a die for cutting round circles, should be no problem. paper might be the issue but cutting the circle out wont be.

    Asking for help from tec. savvy members here.

    you can use like gold colored pens like silver, silver blue, or gold markers or even neon colors, its possible to make an app, since you mark the cards and give it back to the participant, always a chance of forgery. have certain amount of colors out and to certain judges, the names and their...

    Shelter Island Kid's Derby 8/10/2019

    Its was Awesome!!! They Loved the Badges I made. They want more next time! hehe Yeah One sheephead was caught LOTS of MACKERAL!!! I had a few bite on my rig but was so tired, i dozed off. HAHAH But i had fun! Let do it again! Next year Ill bring Some fast chopping bait tools, too. Wrist hurts...

    Venice Pier 8/4/2019

    Well its obvious they cant read, they are surfers. no respect to noone, just like skateboarders, they respect noone, while doing their thing, people walking are their problem. Anyways the city will give in to the surfer and cast the fisherman away, its wont be my fault if a surfer gets tangle in...

    Need help with Shelter Island Kid's Derby. Thanks.

    Im all Over this!! I could make some badges. something like this 2.5 x 3 id badge heheheh

    Venice Pier 8/4/2019

    I went to Venice pier for a stroll along the pier around 10pm, saw the usual thing being caught, Few mackeral, and some small crabs, nothing to write home about, prefered bait was either mackeral or squid, a few sabiki were in the water but not producing much, I Saw some well put fishing...

    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    Nobody came around, Mahigeer reschedule for another time, So I had noone show up, I just worked on the boat drove it around, came back in after 2 hours of driving around, did not do any fishing. But ill schedule another round in a few weeks. i didnt go out this weekend either Was windy a bit...

    Mole July 5-7 on Catalina Island

    Well after arriving friday morning, started fishing around 9am, caught a few small fishes, calicos, senoritra the usual suspects, the win picked up very fast, about 30mph winds from the south. water was calm and semi flat, but lots of boat traffic im sure was the cause no big fishes were around...

    Mole July 5-7 on Catalina Island

    I hope to take some pictures with go pro, maybe see that giant black sea bass again Ill be on the pier Most of those days, Just fishing. So if anyone goes, See you there! Have a Happy 4th! And a Great Weekend!!

    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    13th mahigeer, i think, ill be on catalina july 6th. but not taking boat, ill be on the ferry.

    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    Well My plan is to go out every weekend til december then im pulling boat out of the water to get it painted, The day i have set aside are for The guys in Pierfishing, I would like Ken to come, but i know he lives far, but even still, can contact me and see if there an opening on my boat, all...

    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    Hello Gents, I am taking my boat out on these days, if anyone want to join me i can take 3-4 guys out, might go out long beach maybe hit horseshoe kelp area, troll around for a few hours fish and talk, heck i dont talk much just fish. its a 30ft phoenix, 30 gallon bait tank. not sure if we will...

    Is Manhattan pier closed to fishing?

    I hope not, this means surfers are gaining priorities, Manhatten beach was awesome for sharks and halibut, also surf perches. They might think the fisherman are an eyesore.

    Cattle Boat trip in San-Pedro may 26th

    Well i hope to change that, i could use the $75, heheheheh im planning on going at least three times a month, so if you wanna go. also might be fishing the horseshoe, heard big barracudas hangs out there!! keep them tight!!!

    Happy birthday Skipper.

    How about some boat Fishing, hehehehe Happy be-lated

    Catalina mini-GTG 5/31/2019

    oooh a cruise ship. well that i dont know, if you pack it in ice, or those frozen ice packs, even double bag it, the smell, i would be worried about. the pier and stores have ice, i dont think the deli has ice but most liquor stores have ice. i dont think they'll check for bait in your bag, it...