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    Venice Pier 8/4/2019

    I went to Venice pier for a stroll along the pier around 10pm, saw the usual thing being caught, Few mackeral, and some small crabs, nothing to write home about, prefered bait was either mackeral or squid, a few sabiki were in the water but not producing much, I Saw some well put fishing...

    Mole July 5-7 on Catalina Island

    I hope to take some pictures with go pro, maybe see that giant black sea bass again Ill be on the pier Most of those days, Just fishing. So if anyone goes, See you there! Have a Happy 4th! And a Great Weekend!!

    A Boat Trip July 27 & 28

    Hello Gents, I am taking my boat out on these days, if anyone want to join me i can take 3-4 guys out, might go out long beach maybe hit horseshoe kelp area, troll around for a few hours fish and talk, heck i dont talk much just fish. its a 30ft phoenix, 30 gallon bait tank. not sure if we will...