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    Bank fishing near Cuttings Wharf in Napa

    ah parking and fishing, like Matthew McConaughey
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    What exactly is there to fish for around now?

    perch, rockfish, sturgeon, trout
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    Huge salmon,,, what it used to be like...

    more food. possibly sardines and herring which were wiped out by monterrey canning. and then the anchovies by global warming.
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    Huge salmon,,, what it used to be like...

    even 30 years ago when they used to catch 80 salmon a day in my fishing area, 30 pounders were average. nowadays the old salts are hooting and hollering over 8 pound fish
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    Surf Fishing- Hard Baits Question

    I find that fishing lures in SoCal change seasonally like yearly fashion trends. Next year it will be the banjo minnow
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    Homeless by piers...

    the shores of CoCo county near the railroads
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    Any interest in PFIC Get Togethers?

    I'm thinking of hosting a shore meetup - most likely mid September Benicia Salmon fishing. Learn from the best. Learn from a local. pinfish! j/k plus also a beach perch grubbing meetup in the spring. I attend one as a beginner decades ago here. I hope to pass it on.
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    What's your expert advice on how to catch a halibut from a pier?

    find a pier, they're becoming extinct
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    ive caught more topwater stripers at the beaches there than in frisco
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    Where are the salmon?

    i mean the fish are there but we catchin like 1 a day versus 30-60 a day like 20 years ago
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    Where are the salmon?

    slower than usual, signed local Benicia fisherman
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    Fishing in Taiwan and Japan... any pointers?

    there's bass in Kawaguchiko, that big lake near Mt Fuji. just bass gear.
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    Santa Cruz wharf

    float if you use bait. jig the sabiki if you don't have bait. they are on the top of the water column and like movement (or stinky bait)
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    Knot Strength

    experience has me always using the uni knot or the Palomar knot. I even use double uni for line to line, flouro to mono, jigging up yellowtail and tuna. works.
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    Went out to meet the sea breeze yesterday evening, saw a bait guy leaving. Immediately got into 5 straight hookups of schoolies, the biggest was 19". All fast for their size. Cuz they just put on the after burners as soon as my san diego colored swimbait hit the water jumping and splashing. All...
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    Sandy eggo

    I used to catch tons of fish off my dad's ship at national city naval station at night. they were after the galley scraps and stuff dumped off the ship's hull. huge mackerel and bass. also at Point Loma navy area
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    Sandy eggo

    No, but i release them. I find it easier in sd bay than mission bay
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    Silver strand beach

    Saturday i went to silver strand in san Diego to avoid the crowds. But 3/4 of the beach was used for a volleyball tourney, ugh. I fished the notth end and got a few small BSP perch and found a hefty clam. Perch by grubbing with little brown plastic grubs
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    Sandy eggo

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    Sandy eggo

    Another one