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    Went out to meet the sea breeze yesterday evening, saw a bait guy leaving. Immediately got into 5 straight hookups of schoolies, the biggest was 19". All fast for their size. Cuz they just put on the after burners as soon as my san diego colored swimbait hit the water jumping and splashing. All...
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    Silver strand beach

    Saturday i went to silver strand in san Diego to avoid the crowds. But 3/4 of the beach was used for a volleyball tourney, ugh. I fished the notth end and got a few small BSP perch and found a hefty clam. Perch by grubbing with little brown plastic grubs
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    Sandy eggo

    I caught a few bass at san diego bay last week during my visit rock hopping and scootering around near the airport using 3 or 4 inch swimbait, xmas tree red green or the ubiquitous sfbay white. Outgoing tide, mornings
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    What fish is this?

    I snagged its thick spiney rearward dorsal fin at lake herman vallejo yesterday. Its bronze with white underside. Small mouth and head like a mullet, no teeth, big belly, pretty strong. Its probably a huge "Hardhead" native California fish. Its almost 4lbs, about 16".
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    Bass before the storm

    Got this spotted at Tick infested lake in solano cnty yesterday before the storm. I used a ratltrap type of lure from wish, my jdm daiwa fishing line from wish and my sougayilang reel from wish lol. The only thing american was my ugly stik. Throwing diagonally from shore at the entrance of the park.
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    Solano county lake

    I got lucky this evening, got three spotted bass. Getting bigger
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    First got some dose of refinery smog at first street shoreline and no fish at the outgoing tide. Then went out to the local lake throwing my smaller saltwater lures to try and get that elusive largemouth bass. Finally got one sfter covering a mile of shoreline using a ratLtrap.
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    beach Monterey

    went beach stripering near Monterey this weekend. no fish. nice weather. some other fishermen. no fish either. I used plugs. I think water is just about warm enough but fish aint around that period. maybe other times. maybe too early
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    ggnra beach, torpedo pier, and coast guard pier

    today beautiful but a little cool. nobody on the beach at high tide midmorning. grubbed from the submerged ramp to the wood breaker for one grab. switched to swimbait and didn't feel anything on the way back to big pier. only one guy crabbing at the end. two tourists. one cute college girl fish...
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    ggnra beach in view of the gate

    fishing this morning for perch. perch grubbing with big hammer grubs, pumpkinseed brownish color. on a size 2 hook i think. its was low tide early morning. I spied a whale spout, and it was a weird moment in between morning calm and windy front coming in... got into two BSP in a row, medium...
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    went grubbing this morning and caught three barred surf perch in 90 minutes. slow. because of the rains, there's a lot of pollution at the shore. plastics, trash, etc. filthy
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    fishing license

    I lost my license. When the new ones go on sale? are they still calendar year starting January? I'm not up to date on the rules. I had to fish on a pier on sunday. It was bad.
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    how to assemble the big hammer

    also a girl spear fishing....
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    fried bangus, (or you can use smelt)

    especially for bangus (milkfish from the philippines), its nice to have it deboned because it has lots of bones. If not, filet, take off spine, fins, and bones as much as you can. For smelt, you can leave them bones make a marinade of one part vinegar, on part water, salt, pepper, or peppercorn...
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    grilled whole striper

    gill, gut, scale, chop off the extra fins on the striper, rinse it out, leave the head, asian style place a foil on the barbeque (yeah this is not grilling but maybe you have a fish basket, or a nice clean grill.. but take a lookie) make a bed of chopped onions and lemon slices, or you can just...
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    Broiled Shrimp

    warm up the oven, set it to broil mode put shrimp on pizza pan season the shrimp, like salt or garlic salt broil it for 7 minutes done lol
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    steam the crab

    steamed dungenous crabs get yourself a mexican tamale steamer or chinese stove top steamer, XXXL size put water and boil maybe boil outside on your grill on the dry tray inside, put the LIVE crabs in sprinkle them crabs with old bay seasoning, whole bunch cover steamer let em cook for 30-40...
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    rock hoping

    small but fat 19" striper and the same halibut. both released. one after the other. then bite died. yesterday morning off the rocks in the east bay.
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    first time fishing since my strained calf. went trolling the Straight with the moving pier. Sunday morning. no salmon or stripers
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    shelter cove

    way up north, east of Garberville is the tiny village of Shelter Cove in Mendocino county, in between Ft Bragg and Eureka. My folks used to own land up there. I was looking at google maps and there is a jetty on the launch beach south of the airport. That means fishing...