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  1. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks and Reefs 7/25 through 8/26

    Sorry, again, for the late report. Just don’t seem to get to the computer very often so several reports end up as one. But I guess a late repot is better than no report at all. I’m reporting on five trips I took over a month’s time. The water has finally started to calm down a bit which has...
  2. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks 6/25 Plus 7/8-7/11/19 Camping

    6/25: High tide was at 5:30 AM and 3.2ft Low tide was at 11:30 AM at 1.4ft. Not much tidal movement. I’m not one who lives and dies by tide charts, but I do have spots that produce better at either high or low. So I headed out to a high tide spot at daybreak. On the first cast, I got a good...
  3. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks and Reefs 6/10/19

    High tide was at 4:15 AM at 4.2ft Low tide was at 11 AM at -0.1ft It was a nice day for a change. Light wind and a calm sea. I started fishing around daybreak. Planned to fish the deeper spots early and in the early afternoon, I would move to a reef that I knew I could only reach at a minus low...
  4. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks and Reefs May 8 - June 3

    The weather this year caused a big break between fishing trips: the usual Spring problems - water too rough or too much wind and even little rain this year. May 8, an early morning minus tide for a change. With a minus tide, I was able to climb further out on the rocks than usual. Further out...
  5. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks 4/18, 4/27 and 5/1

    4/18: High tide was at 10 AM at 4.9ft Low tide was at 4 PM at 0.1ft I had a shallow spot where I haven’t fished for awhile in mind for the morning. I save this spot for bad weather as it is usually more fishable when the water is rougher. As usual, fishing was slow but I did manage two grass...
  6. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks 4/1 (really late report)

    High tide was at 8:40 AM at 4.6ft. Low tide was at 3:15 PM at 0.1ft I started out at a deeper water tide, got out there early around daybreak. Unfortunately, conditions were much rougher than the weatherman forecasted. I fished for a couple of hours for only two bites. The first one was a legal...
  7. frozendog

    Central Coast 2/20-3/05

    Feb 20: High tide was at 10 AM at 6.2ft Low tide was at 5PM at -1.1ft. I decided to try a new spot. I have fished around the area, but not right there. I had great expectations with the really high tide. Unfortunately, the rain caught up with me and I didn’t have any bites, so I moved to spot...
  8. frozendog

    Central Coast January 28, 2019

    Finally got to go out fishing because the conditions have been so bad. Rough water and wind, rain, mud ....... Low tide was at 11AM at 0.9ft I started fishing at a high tide spot and planned to move to a low tide spot later. Lots of erosion on the rocks and beach - makes the old familiar places...
  9. frozendog

    Winter Fishing on the Central Coast

    Bait and wait with lots of wind and waves. That sums up every fishing trip I’ve made in the last two months. Also a change of bait - no fresh smelt so I’m fishing with frozen squid and frozen smelt. It was a good thing that I did bring some squid on these trips because the cabs were biting...
  10. frozendog

    Old seafood forum

    is there anyway to get back to the recipes on the old seafood forum? I used that as my cookbook since the old memory isn't what it used to be?
  11. frozendog

    Why orange fins?

    Why orange fins? Does anyone know why some of the grassies and black and yellows have these orange fins? Just curious. Some of the fish that I catch do and some don’t. Is it a male/female thing? ?????
  12. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks Nov. 10 and 14

    Again, an old report. Having trouble getting to the computer lately - but I’m still fishing! Nov. 10: Low tide was 2.2 ft at 4 AM. High tide was at 10 AM at 5.7 ft. Just the way I like them. You have a higher than usual low tide and by 10 AM, I have had some time to get the feel of conditions...
  13. frozendog

    Catch-up 9/25-10/23 on the Central Coast

    Way behind. Haven’t been on the computer lately, so I will try to catch-up from my last post. This month had a little bit of everything - onshore and off-shore winds, rough and calm water. Good fishing days and slow fishing days. There’s never a BAD fishing day. I looked back in my fishing log...
  14. frozendog

    Central Coast 8/29 through 9/14

    Some random thoughts: Weather and water are getting a little nicer. The kelp is just starting to thin out but that means lots of kelp on the rocks and floating in the water. The tides haven’t made much difference. I’ve caught fish on high and low. But the bigger fish were caught at high tide...
  15. frozendog

    August 9-14 on The Central Coast

    Some random thoughts on the three trips: I fished from low tide to high tide or high tide to low tide depending on the day. Water conditions were better in August than they were in July. Calmer water but still a lot of wind to deal with in the early afternoon. Also, there is still a lot of kelp...
  16. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks and Reefs 7/31/18

    It was an early morning minus tide when I started fishing. The spot I had in mind can only be reached at a minus tide and requires a lot of careful climbing to get out to a fishing spot. Also, the calmer the water, the longer you can stay out there because you can easily be swept off the rocks...
  17. frozendog

    Central Coast Rocks and Reefs 7/17

    Low tide was at 7:40 AM at -0.8ft I won’t even mention high tide because I will only be fishing this spot at low tide. I’ve never caught anything here even at half tide. You get washed off the rocks at any other time. And there are no holes that will hold fish at high tide. I haven’t fished...