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    Anything happening in the Monterey area?

    Not sure about those two spots, but there’s a wide open Mack bite further north at the SC wharf
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    What are the best artificial lures for species like bay bass, halibut and shortfin corvina?

    Fish Trap isn’t around anymore. Big hammers have a good thump, but Corey has better colors with his MC swimbaits. Gulp’s effectiveness is undeniable, but it’s pricey and often leaks when you buy it buy the pint. Zoom flukes are a go to, readily available and come in colors to cover any scenario.
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    Some Newer Nostalgia

    Fishbrain is pure garbage. It’s the vanity of social media coupled with geotag spot burning. The worst of both worlds no doubt compiled into an app. But hey, if you have no clue or desire to learn and educate yourself of the “how” and “why” rather than just “what” and “where” then that’s right...
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    Some Newer Nostalgia

    Would be awesome if the same effort was put into bringing back the archives.
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    YouTube —

    The old archives have far more valuable and pertinent information than any clout chasing YouTuber could ever come up with.
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    Marin surf

    Awesome and even better on you for the release.
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    Crissy field

    8 years?? Granted there’s always more to be learned every time you go out, but that’s a pretty substantial amount of time. What are you throwing? Have you tried downsizing? Are you standing in one spot or are you covering ground? Are you looking for and fishing optimal tide windows? Do you...
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    Crissy field

    Are you actually making any adjustments to your approach?
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    Old Message Boards

    IMO the old archives should be made available for read only like they were on the previous format. Solid gold in there. I miss reading the archived posts from the OG rock slayers like surf samurai, Jun, rockhopper etc.
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    Halibut from shore?

    He was very specific actually... Haven’t had much luck with Hali around the South Bay spot you mentioned, but I’ve gotten a couple in the north bay recently. I’d stick to the upper northern bays if you’re targetting them.
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    Crissy field

    Just a warning; If you don’t have a fishing license, do not do this.
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    Fort Baker........Sun 3/3/2019 REPORT

    Squid is too expensive??
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    What fishing looks like today...

    Troll with it!
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    What fishing looks like today...

    . It already exists.... it’s called iBobber. I have no idea if it works at all, as I have absolutely no interest to even read the reviews.
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    Northern Sonoma County Coastline [10.04.2018]

    Nice report, looks like you had a good time especially with a limit of cabs! I respectfully ask that you do not post any gps coordinates like you have in the past regarding these spots. They’re not hard to find with the slightest of effort for those that have the drive to do so.
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    How much money do you spend per year on fishing?

    Generally I place an order with tackle warehouse once a month, sometimes more, and that will average about 75 dollars per. This will include my bread and butter swimbaits/jigs for plugging stripers and various other terminal tackle. - 75x12= $900 Fishing license x 2 since I always pay for my...
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    Favorite Braids.......I am way behind the times here

    I don’t know, who said that?
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    Salmon located!

    They’ve been there for a while now.... good luck getting a spot on the shelf.