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    Cultural Differences On CA Piers And Attitudes Towards Fish.

    You did the right thing. Obviously one has to survey the situation and be aware of what could happen before speaking to others on the pier poaching and being disrespectful to the fish.
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    The cost of Bay Area Sportfishing boats...

    $300 for a trip sounds very excessive. I follow a lot of the Bay Area charter to see what's biting but I'd rather get some live bait and relax at a pier, thats just me.
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    SF Bay/Northbay Report 3/14

    Awesome, thanks for the report.
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    Haven't Seen This For A While

    Nice surprise!
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    Anyone fishing?

    I've seen people catch jacksmelt on the incoming tide and Ive heard from locals perch are around along with sharks and rays. The area isnt very deep when it isnt high tide so I dont think its a fishy area either.
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    Anyone fishing?

    I went out once back in mid January to the shoreline by the Chase Center and ATT Park, caught some rubber lip perch on market shrimp. Its been cold for the most part. Waiting to try my luck in March/April for the hali and stripers to hit the Bay.
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    Turkiye Trip 09012023 Long w/lots of pic.

    Great pics and backstory. Glad you had a fun trip, I enjoyed reading and seeing the pics. Thank you.
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    Spot Burning?

    I too have used Youtube as a tool to ID some spots. You're right, timing is actually everything. Most of the spots in the Bay are known, but it does suck when someone either posts on social media or has loose lips and then within hours people converge on the area. It's also a pretty small tight...
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    Spot Burning?

    I've seen the kid known as "sfangler" on social media plenty of times on the water. He fishes where we all fish lol
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    floating pier report

    Thanks for the report. LOL @charter boat predator
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    Short Trip to the Bay Area #3 — Agua Vista Pier

    The halibut fisherman should be out here soon all day and all night using their ballon rigs. Its a shame they didnt build a bigger pier, there is hardly room.
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    Short Trip to the Bay Area #5 — Brisbane-Sierra Point Pier

    I've tried fishing off the rocks to the side of the pier for perch a few times, nothing at all it seems.
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    Short Trip to the Bay Area #6 — Heron's Head Park Pier

    Thanks for the report! I was there last week taking a break from work at low tide, I didnt get a bite. Glad you caught the leopard and the pile perch!
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    A new video. Biggest fish from piers?

    I also like the calm relaxed style, good video thank you.
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    Cabrillo Mole 1/7/22

    Thanks for the report and pics. I've never been to Catalina but from all the reports I've read here throughout the years I've never seen it so packed. Reminds me of Pacifica pier in the Bay Area. Glad you had fun.
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    No one fishing?

    Cold and rainy up in the Bay Area, haven't been out much.
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    Salmon in Lake Merritt?

    Cool, we might see a group of poachers out there now.
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    Man killed by Great White at Morro Bay

    What bad timing. Well its never good timing for a shark attack, RIP.
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    Thinking back...

    That was a nice read. Im probably fishing all the spots in the Bay Area you fished back in the 70s, thank you.