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    Benicia shore, no fish

    yeah salmon. i wasn't there the past two days, hiding from the heatwave
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    Benicia shore, no fish

    Went a couple times this weekend for a 100 casts each. The sea lion is here so it has started I guess or its probably the resident sea lion chasing local fish. Nobody catching though.
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    Benicia shore, no fish

    Our waters in the Strait has a lot of current and tide and is always moving so I don't think there will be any lack of oxygen and algae problems here directly.
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    Benicia shore, no fish

    No, just two people briefly casting for salmon, a bunch of other people soaking bait for other fish, and the usual suspects.
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    Benicia shore, no fish

    I haven't been fishing for almost 3 months... well a few times at Crissy. Today I tried a 100 casts with a spinner for Salmon. No fish. In the past, we used to catch Salmon August and September but looks like the past 3 years the fish are coming in in October. I also tried other lures for...
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    Why/When Pier Fishing Can Suck...

    haha, i realize that was my post from 2005. I thought the skipper was rather casual with his language at first but it was me. hahahaha
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    Why/When Pier Fishing Can Suck...

    other people
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    First Fish thread

    pinfish, cape canaveral florida, age 7
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    yearly trap

    Ugh I fell into the trap again. Yesterday morning I drove all the way to fricken Frisco and our region's $6 a gallon gas and $7 toll among highways full of rain derived accidents, to find that the GGNRA shoreline is occupied by Escape from Alcatraz event. Waste of time and gas. Why can't they...
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    Bullied At Belmont Pier?

    wow i'm real encouaged to take my old man out fishing down there in socal. not
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    floating pier report

    May 14 water was nice with only short halibuts. Tried areas more west out past the shipping lane but a little too deep. no fish there.
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    So Quiet!

    this year's theme for me is boat fishing and fly fishing i guess. saturday boat. sunday maybe beach
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    How many people...

    once in a while if i want to revisit a memory or see if I was involved in a discussion, usually not.
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    Just wondering & curious...

    usually new people. its a trend these days. i run a music forum on facebook groups. all they do is lurk
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    Whats Your Routine After A Day Of Fishing?

    put away bait prepare the fish for cooking or storage take a bath crash rinse reels, lol put stuff away next day clean stuff, lol
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    floating pier report

    went out again to San Pablo bay on Sunday. Got one short halibut on frozen herring, and a foul hooked bat ray losing my XRAP. It was really slow on the incoming. Looks like I will have to go closer to the SF Bay now. Heard the live bait is available but my floating pier is too slow to travel...
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    Freshwater fishing in Davis/Sacramento area

    putah creek through davis is still water. You'll need to go up creek past Winters to get into trout. There is another parallel creek that has smallmouth I'm told. But you're probably closer to the delta in the opposite direction. there's also sacramento
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    floating pier report

    i don't know, i'm a motored kind of floating pier. i refer to CA DFG regulations when the season comes for specific fish. DFG usually comes out to check on people where the bite is hot, or if you look suspicious, or if the bank fishermen complain about something whether true or not
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    floating pier report

    almost a month later, yesterday i went trolling again off contra costa for Halibut during the incoming. several boats out there including the charter boat Predator. But it seemed slow. I used anchovy popsicles. Caught 4 shaker halibut in 4 hours... went back in before the winds. Lots of tidal...