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    Halfmoon Bay Beach 6/13/2024

    more of the Battlestar 115
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    Halfmoon Bay Beach 6/13/2024

    Water was a bit rough, but fishable. saw a harbor seal poke his head in and out of the water, seem like he saw something there. so i cast few cast and BAM hookup #1, landed the fish and after the 4th cast, Here we go again, BAM #2 landed. work was completed within half hour.
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    Northern CA Ocean Beach 5/27/2024

    This are the residual from the last few runs.
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    Northern CA Beach 5/26/2024

    Got some inside scoop about yesterday slaughter event. The anglers were there and got their lures in the water, Guaranteed they would hookup. News was that the fish ran all day long, morning till sun set. So after hearing that, Gear up with my tackle and lures and zoom out the house. headed to...
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    Northern CA San Mateo Beach 5/25/2024

    After a week and half of terrible surf condition, today is an ideal fit for fishing with lures or soak bait. I witnessed some anglers caught fish with Lures(HairRaiser, Luckycraft, metal, etc) and others with bait too. They both done very well. Personally i managed to hooked 3 and landed...
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    5/10/24 Ocean Beach

    Have not been out to the beach lately, wondering what's going on out there. got to the surf and it was a negative tide. The water was very low and the surf was nonexistent. it does not represent an ideal condition what a fisherman want to see. However, i stuck it out for about an hour and...
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    Santa Cruz 5/6/24

    Took a drive down south to Santa Cruz Pier, targeted bait fish( sardines, mackerel, anchovies) set up shop with Sabaki Rig, started out slow and gradually progress to more of a 2 or 3 fish per pull. after 2 hours later went home with some nice fish for dinner.
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    Striped Bass Fishing has been Ridiculously Insane

    I don't know why the striped bass fishing has been great for me, For the last 4 days i hookup 29 fish's and landed 22 of them. From 12" to 8 lb fish. I have no answer to this phenomenon events. Perhaps my timing is right or something else. But in any event keep coming like this and don't...
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    4/25/24 San Mateo Beach

    I was there this morning, went back to the same spot in the middle of the beach & hookup 4 and lost 2 and continue on down to the corner, in the mid way hookup a nice one (the big girl) continue to the corner and ended up 2 more with HairRaiser. The howling wind started to blow. outta there...
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    4/22 SF Ocean Beach

    Woke up @ Dawn and was out the door around 6 am Down to the beach about 6:30 It was the same old story, big high curly waves and strong sidewash. No one had any taker for about an hour, The waves gradually subsided and it was fishable. The person next to me hookup but was short and a few...
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    4/21 San Mateo Beach

    After yesterdays outing, thought the condition would be the same. Wrong it was the opposite. The surf was so strong and rough couldn't keep the lure down. it was like casting into a washing machine. The lure got toss around like a rag doll. But, did not give up hope. stuck around for the high...
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    Ideal water and weather condition for Plugging

    Location-San Mateo Beach, Lure-Lure of Choice ( HairRaiser, Kastmaster, Grub, LuckyCraft. etc...)
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    Ideal water and weather condition for Plugging

    Hookup 4 and landed 2 this morning. fish the incoming tide, the surf was just perfect for plugging. hookup with the first cast, it was a short-released and kept moving down on the beach and hookup 2 more(bigger one) but came off :(( slowly walking back to the first spot where i hookup and...
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    Changed Tactic For Better Luck

    I had been watching other anglers hooking up fish left and right of me and i couldn't. There must be i'm doing something wrong here. So i decided to switch up to a longer rod and more limber tip so i could keep the lure down more in the water column. throw out a few cast and on the next cast...
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    SF Bay/Northbay Report 3/14

    Yes, U R right Red Fish. i think the stripers are starting to trigger out from the delta down to the bay and on down to the beaches. if i recall last year the stripers didn't even show up until late May or June. So, It is a good sign.
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    Haven't Seen This For A While

    The plan was to target surf perch and this little fellas showed up instead. Location- Northern Ca, Bait-Grub, Tackle- 9" Phenix w/Curado reel.
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    SF Ocean Beach 2/22/24

    Grab the tackle and Dash out the door straight out to the beach. got there an hour before the high tide, the surf was moderate. Notice a patch of sandcrabs right in front of me and the trough was right there. I told myself to be more consistent working this area. well enough said.