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  1. Snotrocket

    Protect and restore your rod handles

    Xflox or Large heat shrink tubing is under $20 bucks and gives a great custom look and protects your rod handles and is super grippy if grippy was a word
  2. Snotrocket

    Live bait bucket the easy way to retrieve a piece of live bait

    So you have a cast net and can catch shiners smelt and anchovies ect you put them in your bucket and lower it to the water, So now you want to pull your bucket out of the water and re bait your rig 3 gallons of water is almost 30 lbs 5 gallons is even more then you have to use a net or your...
  3. Snotrocket

    7/29 its about dam time.....Sierra point

    Fished the incoming tide at Sierra point 8:am - 1:30:pm I didn't expect to catch anything good it's more of a go and relax thing for me any keeper fish is a bonus! So I got the day off from work and kids and Wifey !!!! Not saying I don't love any of these things BUT DAM TIME TO MYSELF Woot...
  4. Snotrocket

    In Search of these sinkers

    Thanks they are on Ebay......
  5. Snotrocket

    In Search of these sinkers

    I bought a bunch of these sinkers from the San Jose flea market a few years ago and last week I discovered the tackle shop there is gone anyone know who else sells this style sinker/weight ?
  6. Snotrocket

    Small crabs as bait

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think you can only use sand crabs as bait there is a size limit on rock crabs and dungeness crabs ...
  7. Snotrocket

    395 Oyster Point Blvd Fishing near the bay trail Report

    11:30am -3:pm Incoming tide Lots of birds diving and a few seals in the area, We were using frozen anchovies I got a few nibbles but nothing hooked over all was a great day to wet some line maybe next time I will keep you all posted. -Mike
  8. Snotrocket

    I haven't been on this site for years my how things have changed.

    Hey Ken the new site looks great, Did all the old forum post get lost ? I look forward to posting my next outing and will include what where how and when. A long time ago a few forum members only shared pictures to brag. I know people like to keep their secrete spot and don't want it to be over...