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    Trading Board

    I would participate...I have a ton of gear to trade or give away
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    Bayside Pier aka J Street Pier

    Some more pics of the pier. Beautiful and solid pier with ample parking. Another option for fishing the southern part of San Diego Bay...
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    Bayside Pier aka J Street Pier

    The area is getting major development from the city. A hotel and resort is in progress. More family parks are being developed along with some retail stores. Their is a ton of land for this area to develop. I can see the area being similar to the Embarcadero and Seaport area of the Bay. This is...
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    Bayside Pier aka J Street Pier

    Fished this pier for a couple hours. Fished a Carolina rigged Anchovy and squid. A few short bites but nothing on the dead bait. Was tossing a Wham Minnow along the weed lines and caught a Spotted Bay Bass. A regular mentioned the pier kicks out some Bass and Mackerel on a regular basis. He also...
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    Daiso jigs

    According to their IG page Hook'd Bait and Tackle in Mission Gorge is closing down....
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    Daiso jigs

    I doubt informed anglers will buy those marked up jigs for 7 bucks. It's unfortunate but these local tackle stores have to compete against big box stores and online monsters like Amazon. I try to support the small local tackle stores. One of the local tackle stores here in San Diego is closing...
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    Pepper Park Pier info...

    Fished here twice in the last week. Not a bite. Had good fresh bait too. Not the most productive Pier but still trying. Has potential to be a good Pier. Talked to some regulars and they also said it's slow overall. One angler mentioned they had a run of big smelt at night.
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    Shelter Island Report

    Nice info Ken, this makes my first black perch.
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    Shelter Island Report

    Winter conditions have made catching slow. Mackerel have been biting during the day but nothing wide open. Went out tonight and it was cold but still a nice clear night. At one point I was the only one fishing. Talked to a few other anglers and most had not caught anything. Caught a decent...
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    Imperial Beach Info

    Ended up eating at the restaurant at the end of the pier. Looks like they are cleaning up the pier. Plenty of parking and clean public restrooms....
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    Imperial Beach Info

    Not much of a report. Tried for 2 hours for nothing. Just brought one outfit rigged for Bonita. It was Bonita or Bust. Saw a few croakers caught along with smelt. No sardines or chovies. Talked to a few regulars and most mentioned Mackerel bite and queenfish. Noticed they place rod holders...
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    Any Bonito Around?

    Just Tried imperial Beach Pier. Nothing here, the weather has been ideal for them to show up, but still no signs.
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    Lobster hooping in San Diego

    Hopped on the Alicia from H & M landing. Caught 2 legals lobsters and 6 rock crab. Fun trip hooping and fishing between drops. Caught some Sand bass and a few sting Rays. They provide all the hoops and bait. You just pull up your hoop when it's your turn. Great way to learn lobster hooping.
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    Shelter Island Pier

    Nice weather past few days. Fished for a few hours around noon. Caught some Mackerel for some future lobster trips. Saw a few jacksmelt caught by other anglers using sabikis. Not much else biting. During the day they have a deli serving Hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches. They also have a nice lineup...
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    Shell Beach 9/30/2023

    Nice fish and chips 🍟 😋
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    Shelter Island 10/2

    I fish late after 10pm to avoid the crowds. Sporadic is the best way to describe the mack bite. Having a glowstick helps. Also fresh mackerel is the best bait. The drift is fast flowing. Just reel in and recast..and I get bit more on the retrieve.
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    Shelter Island 10/2

    Angler next to me caught a Big Soupfin. He used a mackerel head. One of the bigger Sharks I seen from this Pier...
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    Shelter Island 10/2

    Tried to Hoop for Lobster but was blanked. Caught a small spider Crab and a snail. Caught a few Mackerel. Kept a few macks for future lobster hunting.
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    California Lizardfish

    A few years ago, the San Diego Bay was swarmed by these lizardfish. Made great live bait for big Halibut. Also tasted good when fried up.